Allen West Makes (Even More) Sense

From his Facebook status last week:

While you’re wasting time trying to come up with the 100% perfect plan, the enemy is probably going to kick your butt. Keep your eye on the path to victory. If you can come up with the 70-75% plan and execute it well, you can win.

Think how far Obama has been dragged since his first budget in February.  Think how hard it is to turn the country around, and then remember that Republicans only control 1/3 of the federal government — well, 1/3 of the federal power structure; entrenched, mostly Democratic, bureaucrats control everything below that tippy top.  

This is the end of Act One.  Act Two is getting the Senate back.  Act Three is getting the White House back.  

But in the meantime, what we know is that it’s going to be hard — very hard, harder than working with liberal Democrats — to get the majority of the country to agree that we need to spend less, keep taxes low, and trim back the voracious entitlement state.

Not easy.  But I’m happy to have Allen West on the same side.