Albert Arthur Made Me Do It: Ricochet Cats and Dogs

I was planning to post this anyway, but needed to move it up, given AA’s post on changing your profile picture to your cat. This is my list BEFORE that post:


Fred Cole

Full Size Tabby

Neighborhood Cat Lady


Red Feline


Benjamin Glaser


Mr. Bildo

CU Douglas

Schrodinger’s Cat



Give Me Liberty

Anna S.

Mutant Scout

Jerry Broaddus



Brian Watt




Cato Rand


Jim Ixtian


Gus Marvinson

  1. PJS

    Horse:  PJS

  2. Jim  Ixtian

    Interesting. It appears that none of the people listed who have dogs are women. I have a theory about that but I’ll let this post & Arthur’s thread play out before I reveal it. 

  3. RushBabe49

    PJS, beautiful horse!  Is it yours?  Kim Komando linked to a video of 

    The most gorgeous horses you’ve ever seen

    and I had to link to it, too.

  4. PJS

    RushBabe, my pic is a promotional one from the Metropolitan Opera, Deborah Voight as Brunhilde in Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  The house of S does own a number of equines, but that gorgeous grey is not one of them.  Your link led me to a WordPress log in page asking for a username and password, which I don’t have.  :(

  5. Ryan M

    I want to vote for the dogs.  I simply don’t get the cat thing, but I love my dog like she was my own child.  There isn’t even a comparison.

  6. RushBabe49

    Ouch!  I have GOT to stop getting my links from the back end of my blog!

    The most gorgeous horses you’ve ever seen

    Try this one!

  7. Mister D

    Dog person with five cats (just adopted a stray mom and 2 kittens). Wife is definitely a cat person, and I love the kitties much as I do most animals, but push to shove I’m still a dog guy. That said I know dogs are much more needy, and at this point in our lives we like having independent pets. When retirement calls, a dog is moving in.

  8. Mama Toad

    Mister D, what is your avatar picture anyway? And how many amphibians are there at Ricochet? (at least two that I know of, the hypno-toad and me)

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