Advertising on Talk Radio Part I: The Significance of One Small Word

We’ve talked extensively in this forum about our favorite and least favorite conservative talk-show hosts. Yet if you have the radio on for any length of time, as I do when I work in the kitchen, you will start hearing the same ads between show segments and noticing patterns.  These ad patterns are as effective as our eloquent shock jocks in delivering messages about how Americans really think and live.

I notice, for instance, how often the word “deserve” c…

  1. Jimmy Carter

    An appeal to the entitlement culture to be sure.

    Good catch and I couldn’t agree more.

    I would add “respect” to the entitlement culture. I think respect is earned through action, not simply demanding it as they do nowadays.

  2. Xennady

    Well said.

    But I’ve heard worse. One podcast I occasionally listen to landed a broadcast radio deal and started including the broadcast ads in the download.

    I have no problem with that, but the advertisements were amazingly stupid.

    My favorite was the ad that claimed silica was converted to calcium in the human body.


  3. sawatdeeka

     Jimmy Carter, I am honored to be complimented by a former President, no matter how loopy he is on foreign policy.

    Xennady, remember all the ads in the late ’80′s early ’90′s about bee pollen, et. al.? 

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