Advent Thoughts — Makin’ It Through December

Perhaps the thing I dislike most about working in the mall is the way it forces me to become a priestess in the cult of Santa. The more time I spend helping people prepare for “Santamas,” the harder it becomes to focus on the real holy day this month. Advent transforms from hopeful anticipation of a wonderful gift to a desperate anticipation for the surcease of stress and misery. As men…

  1. Schrodinger

    (By Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini)


    Fortify me with the grace of Your Holy Spirit

    and give Your peace to my soul

    that I may be free from all needless anxiety,

    solicitude and worry.

    Help me to desire always

    that which is pleasing and acceptable to You

    so that Your will may be my will.


  2. Mama Toad

    Amy — congrats on the handmade gifts. My solution is to not get very much for people. I like to make Mama Toad’s Scarborough Faire salt — sea salt with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme — as a gift, or other kitchen items — I also use a woodburner to decorate wooden spoons or cutting boards. Everyone needs a dedicated garlic cutting board!

    I feel deeply for you that you have to listen to that music all day — I am very fortunate that I can control my audio environment to an extent. With six children, it is a limited extent, but I am mistress of the house in theory at least…

    Just to clarify, though — optimism and hope are different things. We Christians are called to be hopeful.

    I like St. Francis’ story of perfect joy. I think about St. Maxmilian Kolbe, who sang and praised God, leading the other prisoners in song and praise, when they were sentenced to death by starvation. I pray for strength for you and your husband. 

    This time of year reminds us that it is not power or might as the world judges that saves us, but smallness. Obedience. Suffering. That brings us Peace. Joy. Love. Hope. 

  3. Mama Toad

    Also — I love your “priestess in the cult of Santa” remark. Very funny.

  4. Indaba

    Good for you with the law job at the church. I am just making it through this December, but I have a new job which I enjoy greatly. No more the owner of a business though and having to make payroll. It is like being on vacation. Very odd not to have that responsibility and risk. My marriage is a tough one but not working with my husband also is a big improvement in our lives. It is funny how the hardest things to do (leave my business) is actually surprising me with the positive results. Got my first pay check too. Keep on sharing, I get inspired by your continuing the battle!

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