Addendum to: In Criticizing Republicans, Be Careful Not to Boost Democrats

If this, from The Hill, doesn’t speak to how unfair it is that President Obama’s own machinations in the budget process have been ignored or downplayed by the media, I don’t know what does. The article entitled “Obama Budget Delayed Again, White House Tells Paul Ryan” reveals:

Acting Budget Director Jeff Zients told Ryan (R-Wis.) late Friday that the budget will not be delivered by Feb. 4, as required by law, a House aide said.

“Late Friday evening, Deputy Director Zients confirmed that for the fourth time in five years, the president’s budget will not be submitted in compliance with the law,” the aide said. (italics mine)

“Zients did not indicate how late the administration will delay its submission, simply noting ‘We will submit it to Congress as soon as possible,’ ” the aide said.