Actually, Some Things Are Worth Getting Angry About

What were the moments you remember from tonight’s debate? For me, it was when Mitt Romney responded to Rick Santorum’s rather effective breakdown of some of the flaws in Romneycare. Among other problems that he cited with what became the blueprint for Obamacare was the individual mandate:

 “In Massachusetts, everybody is mandated as a condition of br…

  1. Mr. Dart

    “It’s not worth getting angry about.”

    The line that will energize more than one independent run for the presidency.

  2. Mr. Dart

    “People say, “What if Ron Paul goes third-party, or independent? Won’t that hurt the Republicans terribly?” I give you a related question: What if Newt fails to get the nomination and is so offended, so affronted, so aggrieved, that he goes third-party or independent?  Yikes.”  – Jay Nordlinger while watching the 1/26/2012 debate on CNN

    Now, what if the Newt Gingrich that Jay describes meets with Donald Trump and together they launch a 3rd party run in response to Romney & Obama being the two choices? 

    Double yikes?

  3. Mothership_Greg
    James Of England


    James Of England

    I care that it’s ineffective because if Romney is going to be our nominee, his campaign needs to not run dumb commercials like this one.  The Dems couldn’t use it in the general, because presumably Pelosi would tell us her secret info upon Gingrich becoming the nominee, and use that instead. · 1 hour ago
    Someone was saying on CNN that Mitt had run 86 different ads so far. It’s fine if a couple of them don’t connect. I don’t see why you’re as excited about it as you appear to be. · 8 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi. Is it that hard to comprehend?

  4. Mothership_Greg

    Newt should be called out for his “anti-immigrant” attacks on Romney, and he was during the debate.  Similarly, Romney should be called out for this.  Santorum 2012!

  5. Caroline

    “It’s not worth getting angry about.”

    That was the moment that stood out for me and by tomorrow I’ll have forgotten everything else that was said except that.  

  6. She

     That’s the moment that struck me, too.  If I were Gingrich or Santorum, I’d be working that into my ads even now–Obamacare? “Not worth getting angry about.”  Keystone Pipeline?  “Not worth getting angry about.”  Illegal immigration?  “Not worth getting angry about.”  If Mitt Romney can’t get angry about any of these, what WILL he get angry about?  And so on.

    That assumes that being ‘angry’ is sometimes a good and useful thing.  I don’t think Romney thinks it is.  He reminds me somewhat of Bush the elder, who once said, I forget in what context, that he’d been brought up to be humble, not to keep saying “I, I, I” (how refreshing would that be?), or to keep tooting his own horn, and that it was hard for him to talk about his own success.  I think Romney equates “anger” with loss of control.  It appears to me that he sees disagreement as only one short step away from anger, which is why he sometimes says such stupid things and reacts so oddly.

  7. Southern Pessimist

    I think Romney was cruising up until that point and had buried Newt and then Santorum reared up and drove a stake through his heart. Fun to watch and probably good for the party when the dust has settled. This is going to be a long bloody primary.

  8. John Marzan

    i knew gingrich was gonna try to deliver a death blow to romney in this debate. He can’t use Bain anymore, so the next best thing is an attack on Immigration by going all “Rick Perry” on Romney.

  9. Pseudodionysius

    Wouldn’t that be a possible campaign commercial?

    Mitt Romney: you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry?

  10. EJHill

    Romney surprised me tonight. He should have not waited this long to actually prepare for one of these things.

    Newt stunk up the place.

    Santorum needs an editor.

    Ron Paul is still guano crazy when it comes to foreign policy.

    And personally, I learned trying to PhotoShop a debate real time would probably work better on some sort of drug… I am exhausted!

  11. SpatialD

    At one point I was struck by the the thought, ” Gee, Ron Paul seems to be relegated to the role of comedic relief” as when one watches a dramatic film and the drama is so thick, we need a moment of levity to diffuse the tension. One of the many other’s is the discomfort I felt during Mit and Newt’s exchange regarding the financials. I gravitate towards Newt, and while I will still vote for him, I don’t feel he turned in the performance he needed.

  12. DrewInWisconsin
    Mothership_Greg: Similarly, Romney should be called out for this. 

    Oh my lord! He actually did it! How dumb is that? Isn’t colluding with Nancy Pelosi against a Republican candidate quite a bit worse than sitting on the couch next to her?

  13. Mel Foil

    I’ve retrieved my virtual coffee mug from the virtual waste basket.


  14. Noesis Noeseos

    It was Pickett’s Charge for us Newtsters, although with far less aplomb.  Romney, in a surprising show of resolution, stood with Joshua Chamberlain at the end of the Union line, and Santorum brought up the artillery brigades.

    Paul led the Texans to a safe but remote station behind Longstreet’s corps.

    And I need another shot of Southern Comfort.

  15. Pseudodionysius

    Romney surprised me tonight. He should have not waited this long to actually prepare for one of these things.

    Nice to see the debate subroutines have kicked in, but, yes, he’s waited a long time to add them. Thank goodness he did so before I added a fur lined straightjacket to my spring wardrobe collection.

  16. Pseudodionysius

    Dream Romney moment:

    “Alright salamander boy, bring it!”

  17. ParisParamus

    I think Mitt Romney won both Florida and the nomination tonight.  He was simply Presidential–and you know you would love to have his wife as First Lady. 

    I am delighted.  I was very depressed as recently as Tuesday about the polls.  I don’t understand what happened in SC. 

    Kudos to Rick Santorum as well,  If I didn’t think he would hurt Mitt in the general with disgusted Democrats, I would be very happy to see him as a VP; I would love to see him in some high post in a Romney administration.  Wow.

    PS:  Even Ron Paul was likable tonight.  If only more of his supporters were…

  18. Pseudodionysius

    “It’s not worth getting angry about.”

    Isn’t that the problem in Romney’s entire candidacy condensed into one sentence? The base is going crazy because there are some things worth getting angry about and he seems Brooks Brothers oblivious to it in public, much like when George Herbert Walker Bush allowed himself to be a human punching bag for Ross Perot through the 1992 campaign when GHWB should have dropped the piano of doom on him.

    (I have no idea what the piano of doom is, but its late and I’m reaching for material).

  19. Scott R

    It’s striking to me how much of Gingrich’s appeal in debates is crowd-response dependent. Without a vocal crowd to play to, I’m not sure at all that Gingrich would “own” Obama in a debate, as so many assume.

    Romney was solid. Gingrich disappointed — largely because he’s over-sold his own debating skills and therefore needs to be triumphant just to meet expectations.

    Big picture: Romney needed a “rebound week” after SC, and so far he’s getting it. Gingrich, predictably, got lax and off message (with this space stuff especially) after the exhilaration of SC. 

  20. Nobody

    I’m still a bit stunned, but here, to the best of my ability, what I recall:

    Wolf Blitzer: “And now, let’s go to our Latino debate co-sponsors, for another incomprehensible question from one in a series of slightly over-weight but pleasingly buxom Hispanic women….”

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