A Question for Claire Berlinski

Dear Claire,

A friend of mine works with a number of young Turkish men who are here in America on temporary work visas. They all support a political movement called the Wolf Party. My friend mentioned this to me, as I read a lot about the Middle East, but I don’t know anything about this group. Apparently, they are militantly opposed to Arabs in general, and jihadists in particular. I would love to hear your take on the Wolf Party. 


Fat Dave

  1. Claire Berlinski

    Hi, in this case, the Wiki summary isn’t bad. Here’s more information about them in English. But there’s no such thing as a “Wolf Party;” they may be supporters of the modern MHP, which has some very smart and decent young people involved in it these days (including an acquaintance of mine whose great political hero is Ronald Reagan). But it doesn’t have enough of them. Right now, they’re the only alternative to the AKP and the socialists, so if you’re a non-Islamist conservative, that’s your only viable political option. They come–as you can see–with a lot of baggage.

  2. Claire Berlinski

    If you’re not inclined to read through all of that, I think the single most important point is that this political tradition is connected to the attempted assassination of the Pope. So let’s just say there’s a lot to which they’re militantly opposed–and I mean the word “militant” in its most literal sense.

  3. Fat Dave

    Thank you, Claire.  These guys seem like nice fellows and come from good families, but I was a little worried when I read the Wikipedia page.  My friend is hosting a dinner in their honor before they head home in the fall, and I wanted to stay away from sensitive subjects.  Apparently, they talk about a return of the Ottoman Empire, sans Caliphate.

  4. Albert Arthur

    Haven’t seen Ms. Berlinski around these parts in six months.

  5. Eeyore

    Ya never know whether to trust Wiki or not.

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