A Distinct Lack of Fathers

NRO’s Lee Habeeb posted an excellent article today entitled The War Against Black Men in which he addresses the actual disease which afflicts the black community* in Chicago and other urban areas (fatherlessness), instead of simply paying lip service to one of its many symptoms (rampant gun violence).

I was very fortunate to grow up as black child who had the greatest of role models t…

  1. Blue State Curmudgeon

    What’s happened to the black family is nothing short of a national tragedy.  If conservatives talk about this the white ones are branded as racists by the left and the black ones as Uncle Toms by the “black community”.  The problem is that the left is so invested in the racial grievance industry its impossible to have an honest discussion about it.

  2. Pseudodionysius

    Please post more.

  3. sawatdeeka
    Pseudodionysius: Please post more. · 8 minutes ago

    I second this.

  4. raycon and lindacon

    You have made a good start on the long commentary you have in mind.  Long commentaries are usually linked from Ricochet to other sites, but there is no reason it should be so.

    If you have your own site to post, then give us links.  If not, take a look at the “Member Tips”.  The length of the commentary isn’t the issue. You are free to also break a commentary up into several ‘chapters’.

    Say what you believe we will respond to with the friendship we joined Ricochet to display.  Remember, most of us conservatives are white.  We have little experience with blacks in our day to day life.  We do not avoid it, we simply lack the opportunity.

    We do have other black members, but the issue of race is not often addressed.  Yet, it is one of the major issues that effects our lives and our politics.

    Now’s your chance and our’s.

  5. Goldgeller

    Very good post. 

    It’s really interesting point. 

  6. TeamAmerica

    This woman has some very well-reasoned thoughts on this subject:

  7. Franco

    The conservative community has long understood the value of family and fathers as well as the domino unintended consequenses of leftist policies, race identification, and victim mentalities.

    I know I have been making these arguments for years. Now I am absolutely sick of the whole thing. More than 90% of blacks voted for Obama, twice.  The media doesn’t talk about this, and if they do they choose the object  - guns or some abstract like “violence”. 

    To use the term “fatherlessness” is inexact and will be similarly abused.  More accurate is the prevailing lack of respect for fathers, or a cultural devaluation of fathers. Because I tire too of some people simply blaming men for being irresponsible and not raising their children. The problem is bigger than that, and just wagging fingers without fundamental change will do no good.

    But even worse, the areas hardest hit -Chicago, Detriot, LA, DC Philadelphia, Baltimore Oakland, Atlanta are run by corrupt Democrats who are mostly racialist demagogues who pretend to care but would rather feed at the government trough.

    A buch of white folks saying this, as I have for 30 years, won’t change much. 

  8. Franco

    It would be much more effective if Republicans would use reverse psychology. In fact we can be pretty sure that whatever we* say they will do/think the opposite.

    If we be racists, then we should act like racists and tell them we don’t want them to get married, we don’t want them to have fathers, we want there to be destruction in the inner cities, that the black mayors and city councils are our puppets – our Uncle Toms, doing our bidding to wipe out or otherwise cripple the black community, because we hate them.

    It’s all working out just great for us. Everyone thinks Obama is so great because he has the same color skin, and he’s doing nothing! We love it!

    Here’s a guy who is half-white , grew up very differently than 90% of black folk in this country – Hawaii, Indonesia, raised by white grandparents, private schools, Harvard, never really had to work, didn’t have any more black friends than other suburban (white or half-white) kids. And these idiots think they got their guy into office and somehow they can be proud! What a scam we racists have pulled off!

  9. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Pseudodionysius: Please post more. · 8 minutes ago

    I second this. · 1 hour ago

    I third.  Outstanding post, sir.

  10. Olive
    Cornelius Julius Sebastian


    Pseudodionysius: Please post more. · 8 minutes ago

    I second this. · 1 hour ago

    I third.  Outstanding post, sir. · 8 minutes ago

    I fourth….er, carry the motion…..eh….Hear, hear!

  11. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    This needs to be on the Main Feed!!!

  12. Jason P. Smith

    Thanks so much for all of the positive responses.  I truly wish I had time to post more regularly, but law school, etc. continue to take up a lot of my time.  I originally joined Ricochet because of all the amazing podcasts, but hope to become more involved on the site in the future.

  13. Merina Smith

    Jason, I’d like to hear any ideas you have to address the issue of fatherlessness.  Do you think churches can do something to encourage marriage and dedicated fatherhood? Much as we hate to stigmatize anything or anybody, it does play a role in helping people avoid single parenthood in communities where unwed parenthood is considered an embarrassment.  I personally think that beginnning at very young ages, kids should be taught in school that the most surefire way to avoid poverty is to graduate from HS, get married before having kids, and stay married.  But what mostly influences kids behavior is the lives of people in their family and community–that’s what most of them imagine for themselves.  This really is one of the top issues on my list of ills that I would like to see vigorously addressed.  I’ve seen that longing in the eyes of a kid who wishes he had a father far, far too many times. 

  14. AUMom

    May I add my vote to more of your posts?

    If you have ideas on how I can help, I would love to hear them.

  15. Susan in Seattle

    This is an excellent post.  I echo the thoughts of others above and hope to read more from you as your schedule permits.

  16. Devereaux

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w__PJ8ymliw · 1 hour ago


    It is my belief that the governmental promotion of single motherhood has led to the overall lack of fathers, and the subsequent creation of feral males. They collect in packs (gangs), dog-eat-dog into the hierarchy, and treat females as simply sexual objects (“hoes”). Fathers give males a civilizing effect, teaching them proper behavior, virtue, responsibility, etc. Those are difficult issues to have mothers teach males. The statistics prove that.

  17. Franco

    From the NRO article: You don’t know their names because the media aren’t interested in getting at the real cause of much of the senseless gun violence in America: fatherlessness.

    This is another shallow take on the cause, or the real cause, it’s a little better than blaming guns, but not much.

    Every child has a father, so the term fatherlessness is imprecise. There is no father who is actively engaged in the boys life. This is one of the many causes. But let’s just isolate this one – because it is important – and ask, “Why?

    The expansion of the welfare state, undermining the traditional role of the male, providing incentives for women to have children and not be married or dependent on a male provider.

    The feminist movement, which further sought to undermine traditional male roles, demanded affirmative action laws for itself, putting affluent white women in the same category as disadvantaged black men, otherwise bestowing advantage to black women who wished to work which further imbalanced the black community. 

    The drug war. Hello?

  18. EJHill

    Jason – How do you handle being a conservative? Do you get the same vitriol from family and friends that a Clarence Thomas or Allen West gets?

    I ask because, to a certain extent, these other men expect it as the cost of being in the pubic arena. But do you get it in private, too?

  19. SweetTexasCrude

    Agreed 100%, and I wish conservatives would take “pro-family” to be more than a euphemism for “against gay marriage”.

    With regards to the “black community” (term used with Jason’s same caveats), I don’t it’s news that fatherlessness is a major problem. Look at the rhetoric of black pastors, especially during the campaign for Prop 8 in California. Read pretty much any article on black single motherhood and most of the women will be quoted as saying they would love to be married and have a stable nuclear family but that just isn’t possible. Why not? Those on the left say it’s because that working class jobs don’t have high enough wages to support a family. Maybe so.

    But what about the drug war, and the incredibly high incarceration rates for black men? I would love to see some good statistics on the ratio of adult men to adult women in black neighborhoods. There might just not be enough adult black men to go around.

  20. Franco

    #19 continued

    We are now three generations into this problem.

    Inner city communities became de-stabilized in the 70′s

    Crime rose and affluent people, white and black, overtaxed and victimized by crime and overall decline, fled to the suburbs.

    Racial identification and race-hustlers politicized the issues creating a monocultural victim entitlement mentality.

    Children brought up in chaotic environments, crime-ridden streets, drug addiction, alchololism, gambling absence of positive role models amoung a sea of blame and racialist rhetoric, devolving school systems, one-party political corruption. These people having children. 

    This has been happening for a very long time.

    I have lived in, and on the fringes of, these communities in Philadelphia.

    I wondered, back in the 80′s, what is going to happen when grandma, who goes to church every Sunday wearing he prettiest bonnet, dies?

    You might as well blame her as blame “fatherlessness”.

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