Steve Scalise for the Win, Part 2


Many months ago, in May 2018, I reacted to Paul Ryan’s announced retirement, while failing to yield the Speakership, with an impassioned plea for Majority Whip Steve Scalise to be immediately elevated to Speaker, leading the House Republicans to midterm election victory. This week’s news has, regrettably, borne out the wisdom of that advice. If the Republicans hold the House majority, it will be despite the worst efforts of Ryan, and thanks to Congressman Steve Scalise and President Donald Trump.

It should have been obvious, to all House Republicans who wished to retain their majority, and the power and perks of office, that:

Goodbye, Dolly: Ridiculously Spoiled Jewish American Princess Wants the Great White North


Barbara Streisand, in the most liberal country in the world, has ridden on the back of her Jewish “look” all her life. We are to be so sympathetic to her because after all, she isn’t 5′ 11″ and blond. Meanwhile, the American movie industry and Broadway have lavished an endless amount of hype over her talents. Yes, she has a good voice but her acting is limited to one stock character, a fast-talking New York Jewish girl. However, it wasn’t Hollywood who typecasted her this way. Even when she had total artistic control, something few in the world have, her characterization was off the rack. Of course, it must have been the prejudice of Hollywood that held her back. By the way, there are a lot of really good singers out there. They all didn’t get the breaks our Miss Barbara got.

Her movie Yentl reveals her completely self-centered personality. She has no sense of Russian history or what Jews endured and why the Russian Jews really came to America. Instead, she projected backward her own gender-confused “woke” values. Stalin purging Jews, Hitler coming to power and murdering Jews, or Americans dying to liberate the world, all are just scenery for her act. These concepts and events weren’t about her and her hyper-inflated ego, so of little interest. An incredible amount of talent and money were made available to her and her limited vision. She made a self-indulgent statement trivializing what freedom was about and ignoring the unbelievable human sacrifice that humanity made to preserve it in the 20th century.

The comic tweet by Ezra Levant on his twitter feed that just happened to coincide with Ben Shapiro’s tweet about the Pakistani Christian girl said it all. Ms. Streisand and her now endless whine about the fact that she can’t interior decorate American politics just to her taste (or lack of it), is juxtaposed with a Christian girl in the Middle East faced with horrific injustice. No thanks to Barbara, and probably thanks to Donald Trump, Asia Bibi’s story has a happy ending.

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A friend of mine posted this on FaceBook this morning.  I don’t post anything political on FaceBook, but he enjoys having a little fun with our Democrat friends.  I’m sure they appreciate his good-natured ribbing.  Ha ha!  I laughed at this harder than I probably should have.   Preview Open

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