1923: A Silent Cal Odyssey

To coincide with the publication of Amity Shlaes’ new biography of Coolidge, it’s stereo Cals today at PJM: I have a half-hour interview with Amity on the new book. The audio is included above, but for a transcript and additional links, click over to my PJM column. (Please, click early and often.)

And I asked Ricochet’s own James Lileks if he’d do a piece for us along the lines of “Everything You Know About the 1920s is Wrong,” which is online here.

If you click through directly, you’ll miss the Photoshop I made for the homepage of Lileks as Cal, so I’m reproducing a larger version here:

If I’m remembering correctly — and if Google remembers correctly! — JFK was the last president to wear a top hat to his inauguration. Was the Gipper (who arguably began the rehabilitation of Coolidge’s rep in the 1980s by replacing Truman’s portrait in the Cabinet Room with Cal’s) the last president to wear a morning coat to his inauguration?