1 yard sign = 5.3 votes

How many grade-levels behind the Left are we in political knowledge? 

We’ve been held back so many times that we don’t even get their jokes. 

I stopped by the DC Convention Center this past weekend to hang out and learn a few things at this year’s national RootsCamp, the grassroots activism and GOTV “un-convention” for the Left.

They were selling t-shirts, and this one was my favorite: “1 yardsign = 5.3 votes”

It’s a joke . . . a snarky, in-the-know line that a huge number of energized young activists and campaign veterans on the Left would immediately chuckle at because they know yard signs are useless campaign flotsom. 

An even better line would deadpan robo-calls, which many adults who should know better think deliver as many votes as kids think Santa Claus delivers presents. 

I shudder to think of how many millions were burned this year on those “touches.”

Anyone involved in grassroots activism, or interested in getting involved, or just plain interested in not getting our rear ends kicked again, should go straight to the Left to learn things that might actually help us win policy and elections.

And while you’re poking around all the resources at New Organizing Institute, ask yourself what our political establishment, activist groups, and political donors are doing that comes even close to what the Left has been doing for years.