Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor


“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

My father spent a year in Korea during the war and, after that, he spent another year in occupied Japan. He lived in a pup tent for nearly his entire two years overseas. The year in Japan, even though he was no longer in combat, he spent traveling the backroads mapping and measuring bridges. So he lived in his pup tent, sleeping most nights beside some country road somewhere.

Personal Wonderfulness Is Bad for America


To my lefty friends:

You tout your noble “anti-racist” sentiments while endorsing ideological nonsense that has stoked racial divisions and fostered separatism unlike anything seen since the 1950s.  Cities burn, crime is soaring, inner-city education is cratering and race hucksters are buying mansions but your Personal Wonderfulness is out front for all to see.

ESG Will Soon Target You


When we first moved to Florida 15 years ago, we established bank accounts with Chase Bank. We had no mortgage or need for loans, so convenience and no-fee checking made it an easy decision. But over time, we found that the customer service wasn’t stellar. We did most of our banking through the mail, online banking, and direct debits and credits, and frankly, we were lazy. So we didn’t seriously consider changing banks.

Until I learned a couple of years ago that Jamie Dimon, CEO, was boasting of his significant donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is well-known for its targeting of conservative groups, often labeled as white supremacists. I ranted about Chase’s donation on Ricochet and called Dimon’s office, where a polite young man told me he’d pass on my criticism to Mr. Dimon.


We’re the Democratic Party: We Don’t Care


As I watched the current political crisis play out, I thought about an episode of “Saturday Night Live” back in 1976 (when SNL was still worth watching).  This particular episode featured Lily Tomlin in her role as Ernestine the switchboard operator.  The skit begins with Ernestine being in an actual mainframe computer room (I guessed the computer was an IBM System 360, Model/40).

Ernestine: A gracious hello.  Here at the Phone Company, we handle eighty-four billion calls a year serving everyone from presidents and kings to the scum of the earth.  So we realize that, every so often, you can’t get an operator, or for no apparent reason your phone goes out of order, or perhaps you get charged for a call you don’t make.  (At this point, she reaches into the card reader, grabs a stack of cards and throws them into the air.) We don’t care!

The 4th Amendment and the Raid


The Fourth Amendment states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The Democrats Always Win in Overtime


In the 1912 Presidential election, Democrat Woodrow Wilson ran against an incumbent Republican President (William Howard Taft) and a former Republican President (Teddy Roosevelt).  With the Republican vote split, Wilson won the Presidency with 42% of the vote.  When he ran for re-election in 1916, his opponent (Republican Charles Evans Hughes) was declared the victor of the race.  Wilson had lost his re-election bid.  But a week after the election, California found some more ballots somewhere, and surprisingly enough, most of them were for Wilson.  So a week after the election, California changed its election results to favor Wilson (by 3,806 votes), which then flipped the Electoral College in favor of Wilson.

In the 2000 Presidential Election, Republican George W. Bush ran against Democrat Al Gore (Gore famously focused his campaign on the theme, ‘strengthening the American family’).  Bush was declared the victor, but Florida was close.  So the recounts began.  And strangely enough, each recount resulted in more votes for Gore.  The media ran story after story about the recounts, wondering how many votes Gore would pick up in this next recount.  Strangely enough, the media never considered the possibility that Bush might gain some votes.  The Supreme Court ended this process before Florida could find enough votes for Gore to win, and Bush was named President.

In the 2020 Presidential Election, Republican incumbent President Donald Trump ran against Joe Biden (seen in the adjacent picture speaking to a roaring crowd, brimming with enthusiasm).  The day after the election, the victor had not yet been decided because several states were still counting ballots for some reason.  Trump was leading in most of them, though, and it appeared that he would win the presidency.  But surprisingly enough, Biden came from behind in just enough of those states to win the Electoral College.

Sleepy Joe Biden Is Crushing Workers’ Wages


When you look at real wages of workers, you will see that real wage growth was terrific under Trump 45, probably the best in the history of the world. I call it the MAGA-zone. The economy was in the MAGA-zone. Contrast that with Sleepy Joe Biden, who has crushed the real wages of working Americans. He is the worst president ever and a total disaster.

Building Back Badly


On Sunday, August 7, along strictly partisan lines, the Senate passed the Biden administration’s misnamed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tiebreaking vote. The bill avoided a filibuster after the Senate parliamentarian held that the energy and drug provisions were budgetary matters that satisfied the reconciliation procedure under the Byrd Rule. Some strategic concessions won over the two Democrat holdouts, senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. As matters now stand, the IRA cobbles together a number of disparate programs whose common thread is taxing a wide range of activities to supply handsome subsidies, largely for health care ($64 billion) and climate and renewable energy programs ($369 billion).

The overall legislation is notable for its relentless ad hoc–ery and last-minute amendments. On the taxation side, there is a 15 percent book minimum tax, that is, income that companies report to their investors, free of the odd quirks found in the Internal Revenue Code. The IRA now tinkers with the carried-interest exception by extending the long-term capital gain treatment waiting period from three to five years, but only for people whose adjusted gross income exceeds $400,000. In the IRA, there is also a stiff excise tax on drug manufacturers and drug companies with the temerity to refuse supplying the government with prescription drugs at bargain prices under Medicare Part D. And the ARA allocates $80 billion to increased IRS enforcement over the next ten years. In its most recent analysis, published on August 2, the Tax Foundation concluded that the bill is much ado about nothing, estimating that it will generate about $304 billion over the next ten years, with only tiny changes in both GDP growth wages of -0.1 percent, and a loss of some 30,000 jobs over that period. Following Senator Sinema’s changes, at least one Democratic official maintained the IRA would still generate close to $300 billion.

Groomers and Lost Innocence


The Los Angeles Unified School District shared a video Saturday to their Instagram account, offering guidance on proper usage of “preferred pronouns.  I really don’t recommend that you look at the article or the video, it is heartbreaking and sickening.  But I suggest you must read the article to know what is being spoon fed  Shovel Fed  Intravenous Drip on Steroids fed into the malleable grey mush of our children’s heads.

@jennastocker wrote a very poignant post recently about our past being quite innocent, perhaps naive, and that sense of innocence being lost for today’s children.  Spoiled. Rotten. Not the children, the culture.



RICOCHET EXCLUSIVE: The FBI has reportedly turned over a note found in Melania’s Trump’s closet to federal prosecutors and attorneys for the House January 6 Special Committee.  It is believed to be from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump authorizing the Jan 6 insurrection.  Details have yet to emerge.

Attorney General Garland said that because there is an ongoing investigation, only the New York Times and Washington Post can receive any additional information.

Something Just Shifted


Something just shifted in the United States of America.  A former president’s home was just raided last night by “our” F.B.I.  Trump was supposedly in New York at the time.  His former wife just passed. They just had her funeral.  He and his children are still mourning.

Something I’ve just read conveys that former presidents are off limits by current presidents. They don’t criticize or bring charges.  Is this then, a first?

From the Police Blotter: Real Police Work


Doing real police work is not as glamorous as executing a search warrant on a former President’s residence. It is not as dramatic as lying to a judge to obtain a FISA warrant. It is more dramatic than patrolling acres on Capitol Hill or enduring one day of rioting compared to Portland police officers who endured more than 150 nights of rioting.

Your budget is much lower than the Capitol Hill Police even though patrolling sqaure miles gives you far more experience than being an armed tour guide or protecting an elected official who is sleeping with a Page, or Fang-Fang.

Best Theory Yet on the Mar-A-Lago Raid


Andy McCarthy makes a good argument in the NY Post that the raid on Mar-A-Lago was an industrial-scale fishing expedition. For exactly what, I don’t know. I don’t think the DoJ knows either.

The left is terrified by the thought of PDT v2 (or PRDS, but they aren’t nearly as ready to act against him. DeSantis will have to wait, for now.) The Jan. 6 hearings are an embarrassing flop — they won’t stop Trump that way without something new.

The King calls in an audible from the Claremont Institute’s Lincoln Fellowship somewhere in SoCal. Jon talks about the FBI’s raid recession kinetic investigative foray into Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, the insanity of the political gamble, and the precedent for investigations into every ex-president going forward. Also, who’s ready for 87,000 new IRS agents?!

Subscribe to the King of Stuff Spotify playlist featuring picks from the show. This week, Jon recommends “Memories of Jacqueline, 1906” by the Olivia Tremor Control.

Quote of the Day: ‘Happy Birthday to You!’


Profile picture of James LileksSo, there I was, on the way to looking up other things: Lord, I wish I could count the number of posts here I’ve started out that way.  But isn’t that one of the things that life’s about?  Curiosity?

I think so.  And fortunately we have this marvelous thing called the Internet which makes it so easy to indulge.  The yen to look for things, I mean.  The late Mr. She would occasionally remark on how recent generations are the first which are able to encompass, in both audio and video, every aspect of their history–and, oh, BTW–what a shame it is that we are making such a hash of things by repeating the same mistakes over and over, when there’s clear evidence before our eyes of how destructive those mistakes are.

True dat.

Bleachbit, Hammers, and Sickle


Kevin McCarthy announced that AG Garland clear his calendar and preserve his documents.

Given the widespread history of  wiping servers with a cloth, 30,000 missing emails, phones smashed with hammers, FBI intentionally wiped phones, Secret Service deleting their texts as part of an “equipment update”;  what are the chances that the SWAMP has not already purged any and all incriminating evidence of their foul deeds? What a joke.

The Orange Dog That Didn’t Bark


One way or another, Trump’s DoJ did not raid Hillary.  And specifically, I mean that either he didn’t order the DoJ to turn her vodka cave upside-down, or the DoJ refused to do it because reasons.

Either Trump was a better, more moral President than Biden, or the mutiny and coup against Trump was real — or both.  But it cannot be the case that neither claim is true.

Reading the Classics with Prof. Bates


Summer’s the season for learning, people are less busy… so today I’m happy to introduce you to a friend, Prof. Clifford Bates, who has several series of videos interpreting the classics of political philosophy to benefit his fellow countrymen. Nothing’s more American than lifelong learning, so this is your opportunity to study one or more of the following, gratis:

This last has just finished and Prof. Bates is already announcing a project to start soon: Reading Thucydides’ famous history of the war between the Spartans and the Athenians. So if you ever wanted to read the most famous book of history with a serious scholar guiding you, this is your chance!

They May Be Coming for You


This morning I woke up in a state of—what would I call it—uneasiness? I’ve been reading the posts from Ricochet members, and couldn’t put my finger on my reaction to the frightening invasion of Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago. Many people compared the actions of the FBI to the tyranny of third-world countries. But that parallel didn’t quite work for me. And then it dawned on me.

Our experience may be mirroring the actions of the Nazis in Germany.

I know there are people who become quite upset when they see comparisons to Nazi Germany, and I can appreciate their distress. In no way do I want to liken 12 million people exterminated with the difficulties we are experiencing in this country. At the same time, where should I go to try to point out parallels to the lawlessness and tyranny that we are experiencing here? So I apologize in advance to those who are offended, and hope that you will know that my observations are sincere and heartfelt.

Did the Police-State Dems Finally Jump the Shark with Their ridiculous Trump Raid?


With their unconscionable raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, the Totalitarian Police-State Democrats have put front and center the question “Do we want America to be a Police State?” It is now the number one issue for the upcoming midterm elections and perhaps for every election from here on out; that is, if we are still allowed free elections.

Forget about Roe v. Wade. Forget that there may be many an empty shelf come November with huge job losses and gut-wrenching high inflation. None of that matters when you live under a dictatorship, and the Democrats with their Mar-a-Lago raid have made it very clear they want to turn America into a dictatorship.

A Culmination of the Failure of Decades of Worthless GOP Leadership


For decades our government only grew no matter how we voted. We took the scraps of trash tax cuts as major wins. And that was about it, folks. The cost of living went up. The good jobs got handed to the Chinese. And we spent 60 years talking about the size of government without cutting a penny or an inch. People notice all talk and no action.

The FBI and DoJ have weighed the GOP in the balance and find it lacking. They have made the bet that it is all bark and no bite. After all, the GOP never held the IRS accountable for molesting their constituents. No one got prosecuted. No serious investigation took place. The GOP never got to the bottom of Benghazi. No one got prosecuted. No serious investigation took place. General ‘never won a war’ LGBT activist Milley never got held accountable for telling the  Chicoms he would warn them first if an order came from the president against them. The Clintons never got investigated for the endless corruption they have been engaged in. Pay for play, wiping classified information under subpoena, selling pardons.  That’s not including the mention of the relationship Bill had with Epstein and his bevy of underage sex slaves.

When Is ‘Enough’ Enough? A President’s Home Violated by the FBI


Could this be “the tipping point” we hear about all the time? This has never happened in American history:

Question: if you were trying to foment a Second Civil War in America, what would you do differently from what these street thugs are doing right now? I write this after learning of the FBI’s training materials teaching agents to be on the lookout for “Militia Violent Extremists” who revere the Betsy Ross Flag, the Gadsden Flag, the Molon Labe flag, and who view Ashli Babbitt as a martyr. I am all of those and more and have researched and written extensively about why it is clear that Ashli Babbitt was murdered by Pelosi’s lackey on January 6.

The Raid Heard ‘Round the World


By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept;
Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.

A Few Thoughts Regarding the FBI Raid of Donald Trump’s Home


I think this is a really, really big deal.  The party in power is using the power of the government they now control to destroy their political adversaries.  Oh my God.  This has my head spinning, a bit.  Here’s a few thoughts that have come to mind in the 10 minutes since I heard about the FBI raid:

  1. Oh my God.
  2. They didn’t raid the Clintons or the Bidens, despite their obvious criminal activities.  The Democrats in our government know that this is an obvious double standard, which will be quickly pointed out by many.  I find it terrifying that they don’t care.  They apparently feel that it no longer matters what anyone thinks.  As if elections don’t matter anymore.  I wonder if they’re right?
  3. This is an open threat to anyone who might consider criticizing a Democrat, anywhere.  We can destroy a President of the United States.  We can certainly destroy you.
  4. I suspect that popular support for Mr. Trump running for President again just jumped.  By a lot.
  5. I also suspect that the FBI knows that this will make Mr. Trump more popular and will broaden his support.  They wouldn’t do this, unless they thought they could control elections.
  6. It’s possible (although unlikely, I think) that Mr. Trump goaded the FBI into raiding his home somehow.  Appeared to withhold evidence, that he could later show that they already had, or something like that.  He may have wanted this showdown, to elevate his popular support.  Again, I doubt that, but I suppose it’s possible.
  7. I used to laugh at people who predicted that America would break up into two or more countries in the near future.  Then, I didn’t laugh, but I still thought that was insane.  Now, I see no other way to save something that is vaguely like America.  Lord help us.
  8. The problem is that that will never happen.  It’s just impossible, I think.  But once our government can select its own leaders, and persecute its political opponents, then that fundamentally changes the relationship between citizens and their government.  Once government has that much power, it cannot be changed except by force.  Which, again, I just cannot imagine happening.
  9. It will be interesting to see who defends Mr. Trump.  We’re about to learn a great deal about various Republican leaders.  I suspect that we won’t like what we learn.
  10. This is a really big deal.  Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…