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John Dowd has much, much, much more to say about what was going on behind the scenes in the Trump-Russia investigation. Mueller, Manafort, Sessions, Rosenstein, Stone, collusion, Twitter, privilege, the press, and more.

John Dowd was President Trump’s lawyer during a critical time in the Mueller probe. Boy, was there a lot going on behind the scenes. A peek inside the epic battle of the presidency with the president’s attorney.

Sara is joined by David Schoen, the attorney who defended President Trump against the unconstitutional impeachment trial. Schoen details the backlash he has received from former colleagues and associates since the trial. Sara also discusses her latest op-ed for about the humanitarian issues at the border and details how cartels run every part of a migrant’s journey. Sara also shares a shocking story at the end of the show that you won’t want to miss.

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Mary Tyler Moore, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the Radicalization of the American Woman


Mary Tyler MooreFifty years ago this month, on September 19, 1970, The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered on CBS. The show featured Mary Richards, a 30-something single, independent, career woman living in Minneapolis. It was – and still is – seen as groundbreaking television, set in the era of second-wave feminism. But Fate seems to have subtle ways of forcing a second look when coincidence seems to be an inadequate explanation.

So it was when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18. America has changed immeasurable from the day Mary Richards tossed her hat on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis to the hyper-political environment in defense of abortion and the myth of women’s inequality. We now have a clear-eyed view of just how radicalized the feminist movement has become as we see the response to Justice Ginsburg’s death.

When political movements become a quasi-religion, the most ardent supporters are consumed with its tenets. So it is with modern-day feminism. What once started as the pursuit of equal voting and civil rights devolved into a zero-sum game of abortion-rights and rage at the patriarchy versus the championing of women’s independence beyond the political and cultural one-sided narrative. No matter how many times another layer of the glass ceiling is broken, the only women who gain credit are those who hold views in line with the perpetually leftward pitch of the loudest voices.

After reflecting on the best and worst parts of our country’s founding document for Constitution Day, David and Sarah dive into Attorney General Bill Barr’s Constitution Day address at Hillsdale College yesterday, in which he defended political judgment in bringing prosecutions and railed against federal prosecutors’ propensity to punish as much misconduct as possible. Our podcast hosts agree with Barr that there is an effort by federal prosecutors to expand federal criminal law to an unreasonable degree. But David reminds us that federal prosecutors are not just the instrument to be wielded by the attorney general, they are charged with carrying out laws that have been passed by Congress. “Perhaps we have gone too far with civil service protections,” Sarah explains, “and that we are unable to remove anyone who is part of the permanent federal bureaucracy even for misconduct at this point really.”

Most of the news headlines referencing Barr’s speech highlighted his comparison between career federal prosecutors and preschoolers, as well as his rather distasteful comparison between coronavirus lockdowns and … slavery. “You know, putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders, is like house arrest,” Barr said yesterday in response to a question about the constitutionality of stay at home orders. “Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.” Sarah suggests a new legal truism on today’s episode: If you compare anything to slavery, you’ve already lost your argument.

“Trump Speed” Week in Review


American voters face a choice, not an echo, and need to act accordingly in this election season. As the Democratic National Convention rolls out in some form this week, measure Democrat supporters’ claims against President Trump’s accomplishments. Start with just last week. The Trump administration moved with purpose all week, taking both domestic and international actions that matter. Consider this daily summary of the past week’s events [emphasis, bracketed comments, and links added]. Bear in mind, President Trump had his brother Robert on his heart all week, as Robert was in hospital “having a tough time.” Sadly, the week ended with President Trump saying farewell in person to his beloved younger brother, but that did not stop the president announcing a defense agreement with Poland, to the consternation of Russia and their Democrat true friends. Robert Trump died on August 15, 2020:

It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight. He was not just my brother, he was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.

Heads Explode on Command: POTUS Takes HCQ


Trump thumbs upWell, the week certainly started off with a bang. President Trump held two televised meetings, one with the new White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council and the other with restaurant industry leaders. In the second forum, he took “questions” from the usual suspects, who naturally asked about everything except restaurant workers and all the workers in the supply chains that are harmed by governments ordering restaurants to go out of business or go far deeper in debt. The honking gaggle gave President Trump a chance to reveal something I had suspected ever since Vice President Pence visited a hospital, on camera, without wearing a mask. President Trump, and likely Vice President Pence, are taking hydroxychloroquine as preventive medicine.*

This matters for several reasons. First, it matters that President Trump, and likely Vice President Pence, are doing all they can to keep healthy during the pandemic. They come in contact with an extraordinary number of people, who themselves have had contact with an unknown number of people. No screening test is perfect. Second, it matters that President Trump is opposing Dr. Fauci’s pet positions with the positions of many other real medical doctors. This should help push the FDA to stop the #resistance on this drug that their associates in universities and industry cannot turn to money or career profit. It should provide a stronger signal to patients and doctors who wish to use it to prevent or treat early stage COVID-19. Finally, it annoyed all the right people, including at Faux News, so that was a joy bonus to start the week.

Defending Trump . . . When You Don’t Want To


When you dislike someone, it is easy to believe almost any rumor you here about that person.

Ronald Reagan was a popular president (look at his 1984 reelection numbers) but the people who opposed him, hated him and were apt to spread stories about the president. I remember people trying to say that Reagan would sneak out of the White House to steal cans of beans from the homeless*. The logistics of that are pretty crazy, but people would spread that rumor. One Reagan hater I knew stood up and said that was ridiculous. This person defended Reagan, not because he liked him, but because the story was obviously false.

Trump’s DOJ Advises Court to Invalidate Obamacare


Remember when Obama’s DOJ decided not to defend laws that they didn’t like? And how people warned of the horrible precedent they were setting? Looks like Trump remembers and his first target is Obama’s most prized accomplishment.

The Justice Department has informed a federal appeals court that it agrees with the ruling of a Texas judge who invalidated Obamacare. The administration said that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down.

Another Letter to Congresswoman Martha McSally Congresswoman McSally,

I deeply admired your true courage and integrity in your long fight to force the Department of Defense to live up to the Constitution, not subjecting military women to the outrageous demand they conform to a 7th Century dress code in a country we were keeping free from Iraq and Iran. I was pleased to cross your path in the Davis-Monthan photo facility, as I was taking another Army board photo, and you were getting a command photo. The Air Force did the right thing, eventually, despite your righteous, eventually public, fight against bad policy.

You seem stuck a week out, still unable to persuade about three to six percent of Arizona voters to commit, but you can overcome this reticence, if you show your military career courage and integrity. The weight holding you down is the recent history of the past two Republican Senators. You must show, not say, that you will not stray from your campaign promises.

President Donald Trump was the center of everyone’s attention at the United Nations on Tuesday, where he delivered a formal address defending his policies. Brett Schaefer of The Heritage Foundation will join us to discuss. Plus: Protesters harass Ted Cruz and his wife during their private night out.

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Donald Trump and the Holy Trinity


One of President Trump’s biggest selling points during the primary was that “he fights.” A number of Trump skeptics, on the other hand, were concerned that he wasn’t necessarily fighting for the right things, nor did he seem willing to fight within the rules. This was often defended by Trump supporters as “playing multidimensional chess,” but it has recently occurred to me that his fighting — particularly during the general election and since as the President — is something far more familiar to millions of people. Trump is a tank.

I don’t mean in the physical sense, but rather in the online gaming sense. Many multiplayer online games divide the players into a so-called “Holy Trinity” (no relation to Christianity): tanks who hold the enemy’s attention, healers who keep the tank going, and DPS (damage per second) who kill the enemy. This gives players easily grasped specialized roles and allows them to come together into groups where each member is vital to the success of the team.