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Export-Import Bank — a federal body that provides loan guarantees to American exporters — has refused to provide guarantees to a Wisconsin company that manufactures mining equipment because the equipment might be used for … mining. The company (Bucyrus) was set to sell up to $600 million in equipment to an Indian mining operation, but the Ex-Im Bank board voted it down because of the Administration’s policy not to back projects with heavy carbon emissions.

For those following at home: Nobody suggests that the American exporter is a polluter. Rather, the Administration is afraid that the customer — in India — might be a polluter.

Isn’t that a question for the Indian authorities?

And wasn’t this the President who was going to double exports over five years?

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  1. Profile Photo Coolidge

    We in Wisconsin have seen the Bucyrus deal as a boon in a bad economy since it was announced a while back. This is a slap in the face since Bucyrus did everything that was asked of it. Now the work, orders, and money will go to a Russian or Chinese competitor. Ironically, the President is due here this week for a visit. I hope he will not consider Wisconsinites “jacka**es” for asking about this like the Vice President did to a custard server last week. [Milwaukee hasn’t had a very good youtube week if you think about it.]

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    As Steyn has said, the left doesn’t have policies; it has attitudes–a fact that leads to emotional postures and impulses, contradictions, the ignorance of–and uninterest in–stage-two ramifications. These folks live a logic-free, unexamined (by them) existence, which is why analyzing this stuff is so exasperating.

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  3. Profile Photo Inactive

    Welcome back to 1937, and regime uncertainty. Companies like Bucyrus will just hunker down and wait out the lefties now, scaling back investment and employment until such time as they feel it is safe to deploy their capital.

    Increasingly, Obama just seems like the Vandal-in-Chief, defacing or destroying what he cannot create and does not understand. I wouldn’t be surprised to find him out one day with a can of spray paint, tagging the White House. We’re going to have an awful lot of cleaning up to do, when we can finally see the back of him and his weird coterie of agitators and Czars.

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  4. Profile Photo Coolidge

    I’m so naive: (hat tip to Owen Robinson’s blog)

    “We now see that Mayor Barrett is going to meet with President Obama to discuss this issue.

    Next I expect to see the bank reverse its decision and Barrett (and Obama) claim to have “saved” 1,000 jobs.

    Why would Mayor Barrett be meeting with Obama on this? Bucyrus is located in South Milwaukee. It’s not even in the City of Milwaukee. In fact, it would make more sense for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to meet with Obama regarding Bucyrus than it does Barrett.

    The answer is obvious. This is a setup designed to give Barrett some much-needed media play and make him appear to be an effective leader. It’s a political stunt. Plain and simple. And it’s being played out on the fears of all of those Bucyrus employees who are worrying about keeping their jobs.

    Just bear in mind that those jobs would have never been threatened had not the Obama Administration first put a gun to Bucyrus’ head. Now Obama and Barrett will swoop in to save everyone from a crisis that the Obama Administration created in the first place.”

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  5. Profile Photo Member

    But I bet members of the Administration will have no problem buying those goods which have been produced from those raw materials which have been mined from those mines. For Obama: Owning a nice set of golf clubs, good. Messy details of producing a nice set of golf clubs, bad.

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  6. Profile Photo Editor

    I love the circular logic here. They’re worried, I guess, that our exports might be used to generate what Obama appointees call “carbon emissions,” but what the rest of us call “prosperity for Americans.” The solution is to encourage our trading partners to buy what they need from someone else, still generating the same amount of carbon emissions, but generating prosperity…for someone else.

    Bucyrus says that about 1000 jobs are at stake. Obama, by the way, won Wisconsin in 2008. Interesting juxtaposition.

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  7. Profile Photo Inactive
    Brady Kiel: Just bear in mind that those jobs would have never been threatened had not the Obama Administration first put a gun to Bucyrus’ head. Now Obama and Barrett will swoop in to save everyone from a crisis that the Obama Administration created in the first place.”

    Great point, Mr. Kiel! Maybe Bucyrus can “volunteer” to set up a multi-billion dollar slush fund for the President’s “Green Jobs Czar” to play with.

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  8. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Mr. Frank, thank you for your kind words, but those are Owen Robinson’s thoughts from his Boots and Sabers blog. Your point is well taken. Like Claude Raines, “I’m shocked, shocked!” that a deal was reached to hopefully preserve the Bucyrus deal. The article mentions the relief that was felt throughout the union when the deal was announced. They’d sooner cut their own limbs off than dream of breaking with Democrats. These unions adapt to reality about as well as pandas adapt their diets.

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