Nutrition Nannies to McDonald’s: Take the “Happy” Out of the Happy Meal


Greg Gutfeld, who is always funny — Red-Eye on Fox News is one of television’s great pleasures — has this to say about the nutrition nannies who want to sue McDonald’s:

Last month I told you about The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the soulless scolds who believe all food should taste like pottery.

Today, they’re threatening to sue McDonalds for enticing kids with toys. They call the restaurant’s toy promotions creepy — as if nutrition activists aren’t. Point of fact: They are. They’re smelly, ugly and miserable.

Seriously, have you been to a health food store? Ask yourself: How can a place be so healthy, if the workers resemble bags of soggy lawn trimmings?

What’s next? The McRib? (Well, actually, banning the McRib wouldn’t be so bad…..)

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  1. Profile Photo Thatcher

    Gutfield is on Fox News?! Makes me wish I had cable. Almost.

    He’s exactly right about CSPI. They are creepy. They are truly the essence of modern puritanism: they fear that some food, somewhere, may actually taste good. Don’t you know that eating is supposed to be a chore? (/sarc) They are idiots. What chafes my thighs, to use Greg’s colorful terminology, is how often they are quoted as if they are some kind of authorities on proper nutrition, rather than utter quacks on a quasi religious crusade to make us all eat shredded cardboard.

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