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  1. Profile Photo Contributor

     Rep. Jim Moran and talking point #1: 

    You know, we really aren’t getting talking points from the White House.

     Rep. Jim Moran and talking point #2: 

    This may be the most successful last six months in American presidential history.  I can’t think of a time we’ve accomplished as much as we have.

     Rep. Jim Moran and talking point #3: 

    In the last six months, more jobs were created than Bush was able to generate in 8 years.  People don’t understand that!

     Rep. Jim Moran and talking point #4:

    The economy has recovered…because of presidential leadership.

    Rep. Jim Moran and talking point #5:

    The reality is the reputation of the United States around the world has improved immeasurably [under Barack Obama].

    (I think on that last point, Jim Moran meant to say unmeasurably.)

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  2. Profile Photo Inactive

    Let them talk. The more divorced from reality their rhetoric, the better able people will be to judge them in November.

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