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Just wrapping up an extended trip to Hawaii, 5,000 miles and six time zones from Washington politics. That explains the rainbows. A White House advance team wanted to have a look at my suite to see the layout for a potential visit from an unnamed VIP. As a gag, I had planned to scatter some materials around (a signed photo of “W” or a bogus birth certificate), but I figured it wasn’t smart to invite a tax audit. I’ve stayed away from the news as much as possible during my vacation, but I’m anxious to get back to find out when and how they finally stopped that oil spill, and to learn how big the economic rebound has been.

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  1. Profile Photo Contributor

    Glad you saw the show, Brian. I think it’s a really interesting play. I’ve always enjoyed performing in Hawaii for two reasons: if you’re bad, a relatively small number of people will know; and, besides, you’re in Paradise. As for you, Rob, could you be a little less abrupt when breaking bad news to me? (You know, more like in the old joke: “Grandma got stuck up on the roof…”)

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  2. Profile Photo Podcaster

    Pat, I was wondering how open you might be to having a few politicians on your program, after taking the necessary precautions to hide the money, silverware, and anything else of value of course. The puzzles could be mad fun, with answers like “Road to Serfdom,” or “That government is best which governs least,” etc. And instead of buying vowels, the politicians could get a clue? Just an idea…

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  3. Profile Photo Editor

    That’s my favorite joke. We used to use it as shorthand, back when we were doing Cheers, for especially bad news. One of the us would go over to the stage to see how the rehearsals were going for an episode, to see how the new material was working. And then when he came back to the writers’ office, we’d all ask, “Hey, how’s it going down there?” And if it was particularly awful, he’d say, “Well, this week’s show got stuck up on the roof, see……”

    I like your style, Pat. Doing a play in Hawaii seems like a stroke of genius. I mean, how bad could it be? You’re in Hawaii.

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  4. Profile Photo Inactive

    Welcome back! After comparing the oil spill to 9/11, Obama…

    [_] immediately accepted help from the community of nations

    [_] ordered agencies to suspend regulations that would impede oil recovery efforts

    [_] consulted with heads of other major oil companies

    [_] was questioned for hours by a Congressional Committee tasked with investigating the matter

    [_] was pilloried in the press for his near criminal incompetence

    [X] went golfing

    In other news, Iraq is now the good war, while Afghanistan… has problems.

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  5. Profile Photo Contributor

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed. My lei is already wilting!

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  6. Profile Photo Editor

    Pat, you and I are old friends, so I’m just going to come out and say it: that oil spill? Still going. The economic rebound? Didn’t happen. In fact, the economy may be slipping into a double-dip recession. World Cup? We didn’t win. And I’ve got some bad news about Larry King.

    On the other hand, there are only 126 days until November 2nd, 2010.

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  7. Profile Photo Inactive

    Now Rob, Double-Dip Recession? I thought Biden called it “The Great Recession.” My favorite news bit was hearing someone refer to Captain KickAss and Sergeant SmartAss.

    Pat, so sorry you had to leave. My wife and I saw you perform “The Boys of Autumn” here in Honolulu. Wonderful!

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  8. Profile Photo Contributor

    Yeah, pretty clever of me, Rob. Happily, the play was a success. Had it been a failure, we had a back-up theater booked on Guam.

    Dave, I like your idea for booking politicians on the game show. Might add some new categories: Famous Lobbyists, Broken Election Promises, or Fictional Documents (like “The Constitution”).

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