Gaza Health Ministry: Medical Aid From Arab States Largely Worthless


Mick Hartley spotted an interesting piece on Al Jazeera TV last week, via MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute). Apparently much of the medical aid sent to Gaza by the Palestinians’ Arab brethren is unusable. Less than a third of the aid sent after the most recent fighting in Gaza actually benefited Gazans, according to Munir Al-Boursh, the head of the donations department in the Gazan Health Ministry. “A certain country sent ten truckloads of medicine, accompanied by an official delegation, but all these medicines were past their expiration date,” he says in the report.

The Al-Jazeera reporter, inspecting the contents of a warehouse, observes that some dialysis machines appear to be “disintegrating” and that some of the medicines have passed their expiration dates by years. “These [dialysis] devices were past their expected life span when we got them,” said Gaza Health Ministry official Bassam Barhoum. “In other words, all operational hours were used up in their country of origin.”

The reporter notes that the worthless aid arrived “without any supervision, under the slogan of breaking the siege on Gaza, the population of which is grateful for any initiative to support it. But here, we face a different story with regard to donations.”

The expired medicines are not only useless; they also constitute a health hazard. The reporter notes that the delivered medicines are sent “to the garbage dumps rather than to hospitals. In Gaza, the decomposition of these medicines creates a huge problem, in the absence of incinerators or designated places. Even if the sick are saved from this medicine, the environment will definitely not be spared their perils and catastrophic effects, above and below the ground.”

In a macabre and rather eloquent touch, one aid convoy contained, rather than usable medicines, burial shrouds that were 125 centimeters long. Burial shrouds for kids, in other words. Al-Boursh: “It is deplorable that our Arab brothers are sending burial shrouds for the children of Gaza.”

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    They’re killing two birds with one stone. They’re getting rid of their medical trash, and giving it second life as stage props in a political propaganda play. Sounds very…green.

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  2. Profile Photo Editor

    Is it clear that this came from Arab states? I’m wondering about the identity of “a certain country.”

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