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    On the one hand, it’s great hearing a leader like Thatcher quote a comedy sketch. On the other hand, I don’t want to give Al Franken any credit if he chooses to do likewise.

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    Thanks Claire. I have no video, but here’s some more Cold War humor to round out this topic:

    “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it.” – Pope John Paul II

    The picture is of the Pope in 3-D on the pick guard of my Ernie Ball Sterling bass.

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    Oh, bliss. Bliss. And even when she’s doing Monty Python, doesn’t she seem more grown up than any of the others on the platform?

    Hm. Who wrote that for her, do you suppose, Claire–and then, as must have proven necessary, talked her into using it? John O’Sullivan? Arnold Bennett? John. That’d be my guess.

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    One of the men sitting on the panel looks an awful lot like General Secretary Gorbachev.

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    Busy System Administrator, might you know what happened to the comment I left here earlier today? It disappeared! I think it was during that momentary commenting glitch.

    Peter, the comment said that the famous story about this is that she’d never heard of the sketch. Her speechwriters wanted her to do it, but they had to explain it to her, and persuade her–despite her deep, repeated reservations–that yes, everyone would get the joke. They were awestruck by how perfectly she pulled it off, despite not having any acquaintance with it and basically thinking the whole thing stupid and unfunny. I think it was John O’Sullivan who mentioned this in Prez, Pope & PM, though it may have been in her autobiography.

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    “blessed are the cheesemakers”

    The only thing better than Monty Python is Prime Minister Thatcher doing Monty Python!

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    What an incredible woman!

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    I didn’t think it was possible for my admiration and respect for Lady Thatcher to grow any greater,

    I was wrong.

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