Holy disgraced ex-governor!


Facing a retrial on 23 counts of corruption, ex-governor Blagojevich has found the perfect way to show potential jurors that he’s actually a crusading reformer, namely, a guest appearance at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention 2010 (h/t Kevin Underhill’s “Lowering the Bar” column at Forbes).

Here’s Blago sitting at the wheel of the original Batmobile. He posed for photos, hung out with original Batman Adam West, and sold autographs for $50 a pop (replenishing that defense fund!).

It’s worth remembering that not so long ago, the President used to have weekly strategy meetings with this guy. But then again, he also went to Rev. Wright’s weekly sermons.

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    It appears that Blago is auditioning for the next Batman movie, where he hopes to portray Hugo Strange.

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  2. Profile Photo Editor

    I’m starting to like this guy a lot. I know it’s wrong — he’s probably a criminal — but so far, he’s managed to diminish left-wing hero Patrick Fitzgerald (who hounded Scooter Libby into near-bankruptcy) and remind all of us about Chicago’s dirty politics.

    He belongs at a comic book convention. As the Penguin, but the world needs its Penguins.

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