How to Handle the Mob: Oil & Gas vs. Ellie Kemper


Last week, I wrote about how a ludicrous cancel mob came for actress Ellie Kemper over a pageant she participated in while she was still a teenager. I gave her advice here on Ricochet about how to handle it, full knowing there wasn’t a chance she’d follow it. And she didn’t, naturally. She capitulated and apologized because that’s what her Hollywood handlers told her to do. Friend of Ricochet Bridget also had some great advice for Kemper when her apology came across the wire:

Apologizing to these mobs is like paying ransom to pirates, and it’s time to pull a Thomas Jefferson vs. the Barbary Pirates and go to war. And that’s what the oil and gas industry did this week against a clothing company, NorthFace, which made a show of refusing to create custom products for their employees:

The cancel mobs are declaring war on America, and we have two options: Be like Ellie Kemper and pay their ransom, or be like the oil and gas industry and fight back.

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  1. David Foster Member
    David Foster

    “Be like Ellie Kemper and pay their ransom, or be like the oil and gas industry and fight back.”

    Unfortunately, most of the oil & gas industry is not like Liberty Energy.




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  2. Doctor Robert Member
    Doctor Robert


    More, more, more.

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  3. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    What the CEO of Exxon-Mobil should have said to Engine No. 1:

    Gentlemen, in case you hadn’t noticed, Exxon-Mobil is an OIL AND GAS COMPANY.  Our job is finding, extracting, and selling Oil and Gas to consumers all over the world.  From plastics-makers, to gasoline and heating oil refiners, to electric-power producers, our products, literally, run the world.  We do NOT need you to tell us how to run our business, or that we are “contributing to climate change”, or that we are required to participate in the so-called “clean energy transformation” that you and governments have decided must come.  We know that our products will be needed for many decades to come, and that inexpensive oil and gas will help the near-poor around the world to march up the economic ladder.  Exxon-Mobil employs thousands of people world-wide, in what you like to call “living-wage” jobs, and we intend to keep all of them gainfully employed, not put out of work by you “environmentalists” who think you know how the world should work.  Also in case you hadn’t noticed, the clothes on your back, the shoes on your feet, the notebook and computer on your desk, are all made from petroleum products.

    Finally, you, we, and all human beings are made of carbon, and exhale carbon dioxide all day and night long.  The plants and trees you idolize require carbon dioxide to live, and any “carbon-neutral” economy might just deprive your precious plants of life.  So, please, do not try to run our oil and gas business.  We do not, and will not, buy in to the elimination of our livelihoods and the best source of energy that humanity has ever discovered.  If you want to go bother the real worst polluters in the world, go buy stock in Communist Chinese oil companies, and coal companies, who will still be going full blast.  Then, try to affect how they operate-just try  to get the Communist Chinese to give up coal and oil.  Good luck.

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