The Last Frontier in the Mask Battles: Kids


Following the surprise announcement from the CDC, many states (including my own of Maryland and nearby Virginia) have dropped their mask mandate basically overnight. So masks are over, right? We can all go back to normal? Nope. Because in their infinite wisdom, the last possible people forced to wear masks are those who are the least contagious and the least at risk: kids. Just look at this shameful scene at the White House:

Even here in Maryland with the mask mandate lifted, one of the only places that doesn’t apply are the K-12 schools.

Friends who have built their self-identity around wearing masks this last year were dumbfounded; they don’t understand how the recommendations (supposedly based on “science” could change on a dime). They’re beginning to learn something we’ve all understood for a while: None of these “public health recommendations” have really been made on the basis of science. That’s especially true of requiring masks on kids. Take this factoid: We have told vaccinated adults that they are free to unmask because they’re as close to totally protected as possible from serious illness and death. Do you know who’s even more protected, statistically? Children. By virtue of being a child, it is already basically a vaccine.

And once again, children suffer. Summer camps will still require masks, schools in the fall will still require masks, heck, even amusement parks geared towards children will allow adults to unmask, but will keep kids in them:

We need to fight for sanity just a little bit longer. Here are the talking points.

Don’t just bask in the fact that you can unmask, but be loud on behalf of our kids who cannot yet do so.

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  1. Lilly B Coolidge
    Lilly B

    Our schools already decided to make masks optional after June 1st, when school ends May 26th. The fact that kids still need to wear masks is so frustrating. I am hopeful that the tide is turning though and that the masks-at-summer-camp guidance will fall apart. Or has it already?

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  2. Annefy Member

    Told ‘ja they weren’t done torturing kids …

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  3. iWe Coolidge


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  4. Doctor Robert Member
    Doctor Robert

    It makes sense.  The leftists have to abuse SOMEONE, and kids don’t vote.

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  5. Al Sparks Thatcher
    Al Sparks

    Today I was in a local diner eating breakfast when a couple came in with two kids.  The couple, unmasked.  The kids masked.

    I don’t know if this was entirely voluntary on the kids part or not.

    I live in a town that has had no mask mandate for over a year after the state’s expired.  Most local businesses don’t require masks, including that diner I was at, while most of the national chains do.

    What I’m saying is that even in a town that hasn’t been affected in the same way as the Northeast U.S., and where the mask culture war doesn’t include direct confrontations like I’m hearing in other localities, I still see a scene like that.

    Matt Walsh likes to call people like that broken.  Me too.

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  6. Basil Fawlty Member
    Basil Fawlty

    I’d probably want to wear a mask if I visited the Biden White House.

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