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We were supposed to have Bill McGurn to dinner on Monday night, but the weather intervened with a vengeance. Last Sunday night, Hillsdale got hit with an ice storm. Thrice on Monday – from midnight to 3 a.m., an hour in the morning, and from 3 to 6 p.m. – we were without power. Others in and out of town fared much worse, having to do without power for the better part of a week.

In any case, Monday night we took Bill to a local greasy spoon, and we had him over last night and talked from about 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. The Rahes have small children and are normally up at 6:30 a.m. – so it has been a while since they indulged themselves in a bull session that ran into the wee hours.

This may have been unwise, but it was also great fun. Bill has worked as a reporter all over the world; he was a speech writer for Rupert Murdoch; and, of course, he was George W. Bush’s principal speechwriter before returning to The Wall Street Journal as a columnist. There was a lot to talk about, and he had stories to tell in abundance. I will not reveal any of his secrets here. But Claire and Diane! You should get him to write about China. He was in Hong Kong for a long time, and he knows a thing or two.

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  1. Profile Photo Contributor

    Thank you for the tip, Professor Rahe. I will now begin to bombard Bill with requests to write about China.

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  2. Profile Photo Inactive

    Bill, when were you over there? I lived in SE Asia during the late 60s and visited HK many times, back then. I have no idea what HK is like now, after leaving the Commonwealth.

    Even today, I see that many old diplomatic hands from the 1960s are still writing articles and advising the government about Asia. On the one hand, that’s comforting. On the other, are they really better informed than their kids, that grew up playing with asiain kids while their parents were engaged in the serious business of diplomacy?

    For myself, if I want to know something about Asia, today, I peruse Micahel Yon or pay attention to David Cheng. Cheng is interesting as a non-political person that has lived here for 15 years (he’s only 21), but whom is part of bringing worldclass racing to China. Whom do you follow to keep up with Asia, today?

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  3. Profile Photo Contributor

    Paul, Be honest. It wasn’t just a dinner. It was a conspiracy. We had enough for a Ricochet quorum.

    CJRun, the honest answer is that I can’t keep up as well as I should. I’ve been gone for ten years. I’ve been back for a few visits, but no longer live there. I do rely on friends who live and work there, especially the brilliant Yeung Wai Hong of Next magazine in Hong Kong.

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