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Joining us this week as Ricochet’s Guest Contributor is author, journalist, and anthropologist Stanley Kurtz.  A Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Stanley is the author of the recently published Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, which was met with high praise from everyone who matters.  Of Radical-in-Chief, Paul Mirengoff says,

For me, [Stanley’s] book is as irresistible as the Cooper Union socialist event was for Barack Obama during the period when he says he grew as much as he ever has intellectually.

And if you haven’t already seen it, be sure to catch Stanley explain Obama the radical in his recent Uncommon Knowledge interview with Peter Robinson.

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    I’ve had the pleasure of just finishing Stanley’s book; you can put me in the plus column. Unlike liberals, who feel they can damn the other side at will and without benefit of evidence, Stanley does it with meticulous research and presents it in a calm, straightforward tone. It’s the complete opposite of an ad hominem attack.

    It’s a work of real scholarship and tells us a lot of things about our president that would have been useful to know three years ago and which we could have known had the MSM shown the slightest interest.

    Read it.

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  2. Profile Photo Contributor

    I want to echo Diane’s welcome. Stanley is a compelling writer and a dogged researcher. He’s also a heck of a nice guy. Welcome aboard, Stanley.

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  3. Profile Photo Editor

    Delighted to have you with us, Stanley. Welcome.

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  4. Profile Photo Coolidge

    I am a Stanley Kurtz fan as well and am thrilled that he is here.

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  5. Profile Photo Inactive

    Mr. Kurtz, thank you so much for undertaking “Radical-in-Chief,” and your work prior to the election. I hope that in future days, that level of investigation won’t be required of our presidential candidates, or at least if it is, it will inform the electorate more than it did in the most recent cycle.

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