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As the dust starts to settle on the Chauvin trial, it is quickly becoming clear, even to crotchety old guys like me who are slow on the uptake,  what went on:  This was an orchestrated trial that was to be used by the Left as a means to achieve Federal control over local law enforcement, and to establish a breakthrough to open a floodgate of (highly politicized) police prosecutions (which of course will intimidate and emasculate police departments across the nation). The jury had hardly spoken before a charge against a police officer for a long-ago event in Los Angeles was brought. There will be more.

The White House in unison with the jury verdict pronounced its intention to investigate the Minnesota police. This is what Merrick Garland is there for. He is the dedicated leftist soldier who oversaw the Justice Department coverup of the Oklahoma City bombing (who was John Doe number 2? Carol Howe’s testimony in the Terry Nichols trial convinced the jury that the government was withholding evidence and information and so refused to give the death penalty as sought by Federal prosecutors, e.g., Garland). He will now be the dedicated Leftist who oversees the federal takeover of local policing.

It’s also becoming more clear how this was staged:

  1. Get the medical examiner to issue a bogus statement of the death as a homicide, even though that wasn’t remotely supported by the autopsy results, which strongly pointed to an overdose death. Make sure to obfuscate the cause of death to confuse everyone
  2. Bring in unscrupulous “medical experts” who will provide flamboyant and erroneous testimony based on the videotape to mislead jurors.
  3. Make sure the judge is in your pocket so the venue won’t be changed, the jury won’t be sequestered, and the instructions to the jury will be almost tantamount to: Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd so regardless of motivation, you must convict. Count on a weak defense that doesn’t quite know what is afoot and what the stakes are for the Left.
  4. Make sure that riots and threats of riots bring sufficient pressure to intimidate the jury. The only glitch was that the Judge thought he had the situation well in hand and the demonstrations were sufficient without the participation of Maxine Waters, which the judge rightly feared would destroy his handiwork in arranging the desired verdict without a successful appeal.

So now the Left has a major victory in the battle against the police (and by extension, the rest of American society, which they seem intent on burning down).  They will be emboldened. The model is set. Such a high-profile, inflammatory case, has been a gift that will keep on giving. The case is not likely to be overturned on appeal, given the current zeitgeist of the Nation. To the contrary, Congress will falsely and shamelessly exploit the verdict to pursue national reforms. Democrats and Leftists (yes, redundant) will accuse anyone (Republicans) who stands in their way as racist. Republicans will of course cave, as is their custom. Crime will skyrocket. Life will get more miserable for everyone. And Progressive policies will continue to pave the Road, not just to Serfdom, but to hell. Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, and all their minions will be handing out the (Soros supplied) handbaskets.

Keith Ellison went for broke and got his victory. He has sown the wind, and the Left will delightedly reap the whirlwind that will be America.

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  1. The Reticulator Member
    The Reticulator

    Nanocelt TheContrarian:  This was an orchestrated trial that was to be used by the Left as a means to achieve Federal control over local law enforcement,

              I’m afraid you’re right. The racial angles are a way to distract people from the real leftwing agenda.  Or, in another way of looking at it, they are being exploited to further the real leftist agenda.  Joe Biden had already indicated, before he was installed in office, that he wanted to use the #defund movement to increase federal police funding.  

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  2. DonG (2+2=5. Say it!) Coolidge
    DonG (2+2=5. Say it!)

    Meh.   The Chauvin thing will be forgotten in a week. 

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    I think an appeals court will declare a mistrial


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