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During a time when a major political party and most of the corporate media are intent on dividing us as a nation and as a people while deliberately and falsely redefining the very qualities which characterized us for 200 years, it important for us to not just correctly remember what those qualities have been but to also begin keeping insightful descriptions of them in front of everyone. We can thank Mike Miller of RedState for bringing us this example which was first published in Reader’s Digest in 1952 under the title of “My Creed”. It was written by Dean Alfange and is shown here under the title of The American’s Creed on a marker in Hagerstown, Indiana.

I still consider Frederick Douglass’ “Self-Made Man” speech as a classic which should be not just be read but studied in every school at every level. But this a good place to start. Yes, there does need to be a national discussion. But it needs to be about the fundamental principles needed for a people to self-govern themselves, about what has actually worked for individuals of all races, faiths, and, yes, genders – all two of them. These are unifying qualities for those who value their natural, individual rights. To reject them in favor of divisive rage or promised safety is to surrender those rights. That is a consistent lesson of history.

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  1. Postmodern Hoplite Coolidge
    Postmodern Hoplite

    “I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a hand-out.”

    Hear, hear! (Or rather, Amen!)

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  2. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    Thanks!  I added a page for it, on my personal blog at  I did notice that the author was a “progressive, labor activist”.  What would he say if he were alive today?  Would he be a Leftist, given what the Left has turned into?  I doubt it.

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  3. philo Member

    Ole Summers: …the very qualities which characterized us….

    I will note that the “tweet” that pictured that image within that RedState article correctly stresses the hashtag: RuggedIndividualsim. 

    American Individualism inherently rejects mob-ism. American Individualism is now on life support. Long live the dissident Rugged American Individual. 

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  4. Bob Armstrong Thatcher
    Bob Armstrong

    The South Carolina GOP creed is nearly the same as this one, little shorter.

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  5. Stad Coolidge

    Unfortunately, a lot of Americans feel they have to “cower before any Earthly master” . . .

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