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    Kervinlee: How is the take-out in that part of the world? ยท May 1 at 10:42pm

    Feet first,

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    The fact that he was not hiding in a cave means he still could have been active in managing Al Qaeda. Much of the speculation was that since he was in a cave in remote Pakistan scared to turn on his sat phone, he could not have been an effective leader. Interesting to see what we find out about what he was up to.

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    Did you notice how far out of his way to make Pakistan-friendly statements the President went tonight?

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    Either we’re still doing our traditional dance with them as a frenemy, or maybe they actually fingered him. We’ll see.

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    What it says is that if you apply the correct pressure, the cowards in Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence agency will give up even their most precious assets to save their own skins. And apparently Petraeus taking over the CIA constitutes the correct pressure.

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    Did we not have a good “bead” on him after 9/11 but the New York Times wrote how we could track people that were using satellite phones?

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    How is the take-out in that part of the world?

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