A Party to Child Abuse


I have stated that the strongest obstruction to international human trafficking is secure borders. The very worst part of this vile, nasty business is the children who are so brutally used. As soon as the illegal entry business picks up, the cartels move in to forcefully corner the market and the children become both pawns and entry tickets. It is almost pointless and certainly sickening to go through what these young people are subjected to. The experienced officers on the border know too well what they are seeing as the surge of children appears.

In just two months, we have seen a situation completely reverse itself on our southern border. Children who have already been subjected to more violence than they should sit while being questioned, fully believing that the cartels will kill their entire families just as they promised to do if the kids “rat them out.”

This blitz on the borders has an impact on our nation in multiple ways. But probably the most individually tragic is what happens to defenseless children because of the weakness of self-serving officials and their unrealistic policies. There are many things that can be said to characterize open border policy by this nation. Child abuse is at the top of the list beside cultural suicide.

All child abuse is evil and I am hardly wise enough to judge levels of evil, or even to know if there should be levels. But there has to be some special classification for when we abuse our own flesh and blood. And as a nation, we have done just that.

Among the most recent examples is a lack of clarity about our children’s education. From the very beginning of the COVID panic-demic it has been known that the young were the least likely to catch and spread the virus. In fact, probably the best sample we were gifted with at the beginning of this was when a cruise ship with a good cross-section of every age was docked and held. The percentages and results from those few hundred people together for well over two weeks have proven to be a model for how this virus moves through a population.

The few governors who did not panic and rush into complete shut-down mode have served their citizens the best. They have certainly served the children the best if they kept the schools relatively open and refused to shut the students out of their best learning environment. A “rule of thumb” which holds up consistently across the decades is that if a child is not reading at grade level coming out of the second grade, he/she will have difficulty finishing high school. As the years go by and they are passed from one grade to another, they fall more and more behind because of their lack of reading understanding and failure to grasp material. Face-to-face old-fashioned teaching and attention to comprehension has no substitute, certainly not the screen-time ones we have had for over a year now.

There are multiple studies and countless anecdotal reports of the damage done to the socialization and mental stability of young students of all ages. We are also putting many into a deficient learning situation that will probably be hard to ever make up.

Our education system as whole has been failing our children for some time now with utopian, unrealistic reading programs, watered-down revisionist history, and math which abandons simple reason. Now we have walled them off from even that.

But there are also millions of our own children who over the past few decades have not even been given even that watered-down opportunity for an enriched life and a chance to seek their path in a nation whose original charter offered life and liberty to all. They were human sacrifices to an ideology intent on a step-by-step retreat from the moral compass necessary for ordered liberty toward a “fundamental transformation” embracing not the individual but a hopeless indulgence of central power. We will never know what wonders would have been our gifts from the minds and souls aborted to satisfy a utopian vision used to advance the destruction of self-governance by free individuals in an ordered society.

I have already stated that I do not claim the wisdom or insight necessary to sort through the degrees or levels of evil. But I do know that evil does not sit still. It is always growing if allowed to. It does not just grow in size but also spreads into different forms and methods. As we have become numbed to the ways we have abused the innocent among us, even more abuses seek to become “commonplace” by claiming a mantle of “science” or “compassion” or “tolerance”.

Nothing illustrates this more than the very woke push of the anti-science, anti-social, anti-nature, anti-reason, anti-religion (yeah, I said that), anti-child concept of transgenderism. From the left comes the heavy hand of media, critical theory, very rich social destroyers, and the oh-so concerned socially aware desperate not to be considered too old-fashioned and traditional. Now a woke society that fails more and more to provide the training needed for a future developed, rational generation readily turns over to central power the ability to loosely play with the very nature of the human soul.

From the right comes a wide range of cowardly excuses not meet this fundamental wrong head-on. Mostly those excuses are thin attempts to try and find a way to hide behind “conservatism.” There are calls to avoid “government overreach,” for example. The truth is that activist money and threats run deep on this issue. Is it “overreach” to protect the most innocent and defenseless among us? Some would say that it might be the most basic, fundamental role of a responsible government.

We have spent more than a generation forbidding distinct human souls to ever be born. Now we are told we should allow those who were born to have their souls destroyed at the whim of a few adults who reject the most fundamental moral core necessary for our national survival. Regardless of the political party you put after your name, regardless of where you worship or if you worship at all, regardless of the very real threats of a powerful but terribly destructive social activism; there is no way to hide the guilt we will bear individually and collectively if these deep abuses are not just challenged but defeated and put away for good.

The final judgment of the generations now alive will not be based on the buildings, highways, or media creations we leave behind. It will be centered around the values and ideas which will guide those who take our places. We have been given a gift from past generations of both liberty and moral insight that is not just being squandered but distorted as well. If we are to have a legacy worthy of what was given to us, it is not enough to simply be upset or even outraged. It requires a devoted, principled, and endless fight. It is not just liberty that is in our care but the soul and the future of the innocent.

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  1. DonG (2+2=5. Say it!) Coolidge
    DonG (2+2=5. Say it!)

    Here is all you need to know about schools:   Good families make good students and good students make good schools. 

    Politicians don’t like to admit it, because there is more power and money in other actions and fixing families is hard work.  The goal should be that each child grows up in a neighborhood where 80% of kids have 2 parents.  That magic threshold is enough to keep kids away from trouble and all those parents provide critical mass for getting homework done keeping kids motivated.  Well-behaved and motivated kids are easy to teach.  Q.E.D.

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  2. Basil Fawlty Member
    Basil Fawlty

    DonG (2+2=5. Say it!) (View Comment):
    Here is all you need to know about schools:   Good families make good students and good students make good schools. 

    Don’t forget good fences.

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  3. Ansonia Member


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