Prattling While Rome Burns


This is what’s going on while the President wastes our time behaving in ways that cause candid commentators to waste our time parsing their vulgarities:

The World Bank today appointed Madelyn Antoncic as its new Vice President and Treasurer, hiring an experienced senior executive from the financial industry who has been active in the regulatory and policy debate.

[…] After leaving Barclays in 1999, Antoncic joined Lehman Brothers as Global Head of Risk Policy and subsequently Global Head of Market Risk Management; from 2002-2007, she served as Chief Risk Officer. In 2007, she was moved to an externally focused role as Global Head of Financial Markets Policy Relations. After the Lehman bankruptcy, Antoncic agreed to stay on for a year as Managing Director and Senior Advisor at the Lehman Estate to help maximize the value to Lehman creditors. 

Since 2007, Antoncic has been active in the regulatory and policy debate, working with industry groups advising senior policy makers on regulatory reform and systemic risk issues.

And Barack Obama is angry about corporate jets.

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    It is no defense of our President’s puerile efforts at class warfare at an important moment in history to say that it is possible this woman was not listened to by the top executives at Lehman. In ’09 I had conversations with people who were quite familiar with Lehman’s internal workings about how many of their risk managers and their value at risk models were flashing warning signs and they were ignored, however, this woman’s name is unfamiliar to me. The fact that she was moved in ’07 may be exculpatory in that sense. I didn’t much care for Simpson-Bowles but BO’s failure even on that is the most glaring indication that he is President of the SEIU and the Trial Lawyers. All the rest is just a nuisance.

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