Maybe the Least Insightful Comment Thus Far on the British Riots


Of all the mysteries in the universe, this one really didn’t require contemplation on the pages of the Atlantic, did it? 

While the rioters in England this week have looted shops selling shoes, clothes, computers, and plasma televisions, they’ve curiously bypassed one particular piece of merchandise: books.

That is really curious, isn’t it. What could account for that? Ah, yes, the Guardian explains: “the rioters may have been more principled about what they stole and what they didn’t than one might think.”

Of course. 

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    Uri Friedman is obviously just trying to up his street cred.

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    When you’re an illiterate yob there is no need to steal books.

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  3. Profile Photo Editor

    That’s now the most-clicked item on the Atlantic. Maybe they were worrying about their site traffic and they asked Uri to take a dive for them.

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  4. Profile Photo Member

    In order to learn principles, one must read some books (if only the Bible). I don’t get the impression the rioters have any principles at all. They just have no idea that a book might actually have some economic value. You can bet they wouldn’t steal them to read them.

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  5. Profile Photo Member

    Claire Berlinski, Ed.:

    “the rioters may have been more principled about what they stole and what they didn’t than one might think.”

    Apparently, the left really does live in an alternate universe that only minimally intersects the one the rest of us live in.

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  6. Profile Photo Member

    I would feel better if they WERE stealing books. At least then they would show an understanding for the necessity of self-improvement.

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  7. Profile Photo Member

    Dysfunctional mothers may lack in tenacity in protecting their children, steady consumption of chemicals may explain that, but normal, unimpaired parents, particularly mothers, will not wilt in standing up for their own.

    In this sense, are the rioters the offspring of the leftist multicultural, moral relativizing, collectivizing journalistic narrative? Who are forcing the tribal media scribes to take responsibility for their progeny, as if they were defending their parenthood honor?

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    I was at a small bookstore in Baraboo, WI last year when I couldn’t find the owner to purchase a book. When she appeared, I told her I was starting to look for an honesty box or something to leave some money in. Her response: “I think it’s a reflection of the sad state of affairs our culture is in that more people don’t steal from me.”

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  9. Profile Photo Member

    They don’t need books. They’ve got the Guardian to start fires.

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  10. Profile Photo Member

    Many years ago my car was broken into and they took the toll booth change from the ash tray, they also turned over the box with my cassettes in it and strew them on the passenger seat. I’ve only just realized that they didn’t steal any of the cassettes out of respect for Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and the various artists performing their work. All this time I believed it was because there was no Rap music…how could I have been so narrow minded?

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  11. Profile Photo Member

    Maybe all the rioters own a Kindle and didn’t find it necessary to loot the bookstores.

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  12. Profile Photo Member

    Curious…. I would have expected the For Dummies books to be quite popular.

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  13. Profile Photo Member

    Wait a minute – I though the rioters were protesting the closure of libraries by the evil conservative government?

    Something doesn’t add up here.

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  14. Profile Photo Member

    Graffiti is the new calligraphy.

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  15. Profile Photo Member

    Hey, you’re knocking the people’s canvass you elitist snob¬°

    Aaron Miller: Graffiti is the new calligraphy. · Aug 12 at 4:41pm

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  16. Profile Photo Member

    They’d happily steal books, but they haven’t run out of toilet paper yet, so no need.

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  17. Profile Photo Inactive

    Books are heavy also every one knows its easier and cheaper to order them from Amazon.

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