Metaphor Alert! Washington Monument is Tilting!


According to reports, the Washington Monument is listing a bit:

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly reported at 2:30 pm that their bureau received information from a producer saying that a Captiol Hill Police officer says that the Washington Monument may actually be tilting as a result of the earthquake.

Seismologist John Rundle joined Kelly on her show and confirmed that the Washington Monument could very well be tilting as a result of the earthquake and the structure should be checked out.

 Probably due to this afternoon’s 5.9 earthquake.  But surely there’s a metaphor here, too?  Does it represent the imbalance in employment numbers?  Economist Mark Perry in his excellent Carpe Diem blog has this chart to show:


Could it be the imbalance of the national books?  This chart is tilting, too:


So it’s only natural that the Washington Monument is tilting off-kilter.  Everything in Washington is tilting off-kilter.

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    The national phallic symbol is no longer standing straight.

    How entirely emasculating! Fix it! Fix it fast!

    Isn’t there a huge blue pill we can give it?

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    I think the blue pill is the problem, Tommy.

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  3. Profile Photo Inactive
    DrewInWisconsin: I think the blue pill is the problem, Tommy. · Aug 23 at 1:21pm

    Yup, the four hours got exceeded a long time ago.

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  4. Profile Photo Member

    Hurricanes, earthquakes, listing monuments… oh my! It all makes the debt crisis downgrade seem pre-apocalyptic, doesn’t it?

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  5. Profile Photo Inactive

    And to make matters worse, Mr Obama missed his putts. One more to add to the run of bad luck.

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  6. Profile Photo Member
    DrewInWisconsin: I think the blue pill is the problem, Tommy. · Aug 23 at 1:21pm

    I guess the stimulus package was the blue pill.

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  7. Profile Photo Inactive

    I wonder what the correlation between this Global Warming image and the debt might be. I know that correlation isn’t causation, and I’m having a bit of fun here, but…

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  8. Profile Photo Inactive

    Monday on Rush’s show Mark Steyn satirized Hank Johnson’s fear that Guam would capsize because of our military build up. He suggested that Obama’s government build up would cause the U.S. to capsize; the next day the East Coast suffered an earthquake and the Washington Monument is listing! Mark please be careful what you say.

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  9. Profile Photo Member

    Do I dare say it? It looks like it crossed over at the end of Reagan’s presidency. There have been two dips it looks like — at the end of World War II and the beginning of Reagan’s presidency. Otherwise, government employment has been on a steady trend up. I wonder if “government employment” includes the troops in World War II. Evidently not since 16 million served in World War II (link here).

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  10. Profile Photo Inactive

    But is it tilting Right or Left? With Obama undermining America’s foundational principles, I worry, but maybe the earthquake was an empathy rumble for the Tea Party from the country’s literal foundation.

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  11. Profile Photo Member

    The Washington Monument is a hand on a stopwatch.

    The countdown to America’s cessation has begun…..

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