Quote of the Day: Winston Churchill on Socialism


In 1925, Churchill officially rejoined the Conservative Party in Britain.  In a speech in 1926, in “strongly working-class Bolton”, he says:

Let them abandon the utter fallacy, the grotesque, erroneous, fatal blunder of believing that by limiting the enterprise of man, by riveting the shackles of a false equality upon the efforts of all the different forms and different classes of human enterprise, they will increase the well-being of the world.

I think he had the right of it, and this was before the horrors of the Stalinist famines and purges.

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  1. Arahant Member

    The trouble is that the shackles are there, it’s just that most of them are mental, not physical.

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  2. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    You can rely on Mr. Churchill to get most things right, particularly when it comes to enemies of the West. 

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  3. CarolJoy, Thread Hijacker Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Thread Hijacker

    I wanna know if this statement of Mr Churchill’s was ever fact checked…

    In our present era, were this presented on Facebook, the disclaimer would be “The notion that equality could ever be false, or that shackles could ever be applied to it, has been disputed by numerous informational specialists.”

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