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    That’s simply… fantastic!

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    Dayum…do we miss him or what?

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    Not many could have gotten away with that. There really was something special about Reagan.

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    That has to stand as one of the great universal phrases of the American lexicon, and delivered with devastating effect from the master himself. Beautiful.

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    That is hilarious. Thanks for posting.

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    How have I never seen this before? This is awesome!

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    Reagan said out loud what most of his audience was thinking. That intuitive understanding of his fellow Americans was the key to his success. It was lacking in his predecessor and is sorely absent in our current President. All the political spin masters, the best campaign operators, all the money in the world cannot fake this down-to-earth quality: no matter how many times one says “folks”and drops ‘g’s off gerunds. Reagan wasn’t contrived, he was exactly who he said he was, and America loved—loves—him for that.

    I so envy you, Peter, that you got to spend time with him.

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    I have to say, it looks like that worked because the audience backed Reagan up. They stood up and cheered and drowned out the heckler, who knew when he was beat.

    Do you think the average Code Pink protester would stop yelling and waving signs, just because the conservative at the podium told them to shut up while the crowd waited quietly for security to arrive?

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    I wonder if there wasn’t a subliminal message in there for the Russkies: “there is a point at which he’ll start pushing buttons.”

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    “That heckler was never heard from again.” Rendition?

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    Some times, the direct approach is best.

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    I could see Christie telling some one to “shut up” in fact he might have already. I think what allowed Reagan to be blunt like that was that so much of the time he was always so positive and upbeat, so you know that for him being like that was a last resort rather then a go to.

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    Reagan gave a campaign speech in Cincinnati (can’t remember if it was his first or second term), and he was talking about taxes when this heckler started becoming loud and obnoxious. Reagan, without missing a beat, pointed at the guy and said “I’ll RAISE his taxes”, and then kept right on going. The crowd loved it.

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    The man was perfectly simple. He didn’t go on a rant, he didn’t use some sort of veiled insult. Ronald Reagan, straight to the point and always genuine.

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    He reminded me of classic Bugs Bunny. I feel a great pang of regret that I was too young at the time to appreciate him.

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    What about.. I’m paying for this microphone, Mr. Green.

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