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Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson is proud to present the first interview with Condoleezza Rice in her new role as Director of the Hoover Institution. After a storied career that includes Provost of Stanford University (1993-1999), United States National Security Advisor (2001-2005), and United States Secretary of State (2005-2009), the author of numerous books, and an inaugural member of the College Football Playoff selection committee, on September 1st, 2020 Director Rice became the Hoover Institution’s eighth director in its 101 year history and the first woman to hold the position. In this wide ranging conversation, Peter Robinson and Director Rice discuss Hoover’s mission in the 21st century, the role of think tanks in crafting public policy, her views about the current geo-political situation regarding Russia and China, and her personal thoughts about the national conversation currently underway in the United States about racial relations and how we look back at the country’s founding and history.

Recorded on September 9th, 2020

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  1. JoelB Member

    This was a very outstanding interview. It’s worth the time to watch all the way through, but if one’s time is limited, he should watch from 37:08 to the end.

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    • September 11, 2020, at 11:57 AM PDT
  2. Stad Thatcher

    Rice and Robinson . . . two people who should run for office . . .

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    • September 11, 2020, at 1:32 PM PDT
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  3. Jim Beck Member

    Afternoon Stad,

    Following my temperament, I wish Peter had asked darker questions. Concerning China and its problems, which will have lost ground first China or Japan. Second question on China, what are the scenarios that China survives in better shape than the US. She says China has clients, wa have allies; I am not sure we have the better deal, allies like Germany or Turkey, I am not sure we are more secure with allies. Concerning race and the under class youth and their poor educational opportunities, her answers and thoughts were thin. We have had good thoughts on this topic from Bennet, Work Hard and Be Nice, The Bee Eater, and Sowell’s latest book, Charter Schools and Their Enemies. Her answers were on the shallowest level. Moynihan pointed out a root problem that will make our efforts at enhancing opportunity through improved education not entirely satisfactory. Until we reconcile the relations between man and women and their ability and desire to wed and establish lasting families, the reconciliation between other groups will be unlikely. It is delightful to see how faith has shaped Rice’s life. However, belivers have, from time to time, historically been under the rule of folks who believed in false gods. Does Rice think that will be the fate of Americans? Does she think the West is in decline; do our paltry birth rates suggest that the dogged optimism of her parents no longer exists.

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    • September 11, 2020, at 2:55 PM PDT
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