Every Election and Office Matters: Arizona Schools Edition


Election and education Who we elect, through our actions and inaction, matters. This old truth has been brought to mind by government officials’ use of the latest Chinese virus. The most recent example of this is the top elected Arizona official in charge of K-12 education trying to stop schools from opening, but in reality until after the election.

We Arizona voters made the terrible mistake of electing a Democrat Superintendent of Education in 2018. Naturally, Kathy Hoffman is acting on befall of her party and the leftist teacher’s unions. While mouthing perfunctory pieties about special needs children and nutrition programs, she is firmly on the side of keeping children and parents tied down at home until after the election, all in the false name of safety.

Our Republican governor and his top doctor, a sad reflection of the national failure of supposed public health leaders, have much work to do in informing the public of real medical data, quantifying the harm inflicted on school children’s brain development and general health from the school closures. Indeed, President Trump needs to force that public discussion with a serious expansion of the medical experts advising and briefing him and the nation. He must get out of his self-justification for being deceived at the beginning by the most senior federal health officials. After all, he has already pointed to making good decisions that went against early “medical expert” advice. Now he needs to make terribly clear the carnage of the Fauci Fraud while noting Tony is limited by his narrow specialty and just could not see all the rest of medical science affecting his recommendations.

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  1. Rodin Member

    Yes, Dr Fauci will lob a medical recommendation that if adopted breaks a lot of other things and when challenged just raises the “that is someone else’s job to calculate the trade-offs” shield. Meanwhile the progressive politicians and media love his advice and skewer anyone who actually does calculate the trade-offs and decide the advice should be rejected.

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  2. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Related on the point of elections mattering:

    Heads up: this is tough viewing. Hat tip Power Line.

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  3. MichaelKennedy Inactive

    Ducey has been such a disappointment as governor.  I had hopes early on but he caved to the Establishment.  There is a Catholic high school just a half mile from our home in Tucson.  I had hopes that my grand daughter could do her senior year there since California is gripped by the crazy left.  Her brother is an athlete and a Sophomore but will probably lose any chance at college scholarships as a result of Governor Nuke’em.

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