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justice and COVID-19Observed outside a Circle K recently: two men approached on battered bicycles. One black, one white, they were both desert-lean and weathered. They knew long-term poverty.

Said the black man to the white: “They’re so stupid, they pull down a statue and throw it in the river!” Answered the white man: “Thousands of pounds of bronze!”

This conversation illustrates the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the leftist punks and the poor, those truly without “privilege.” A brief explanation for the perplexed: these were scrap men. They scavenge metal for cash and are acutely aware of the current local market value of every metal. When they see a bronze statue being pulled down by wealthy young whites LARPing* as revolutionaries, these men accurately estimate weight and dollars per pound.

We have all read plenty of denunciations of the historical, intellectual vandalism in the latest iconoclastic movement. The startling, wanton defacement, and destruction of our society’s public symbols is explained as following from a long process of miseducation and appropriation of the culture by a leftist elite. In all of this, we largely miss the chasm between the poor and working-class, on one side, and the new Blackshirts, the black bloc young men and now women who have been answering leftist cadres for decades, marching, chanting, and smashing property in the cause of the socialist revolution.

The chasm is not new, nor are observations of its existence. Indeed, leftists were criticizing middle-class feminism over 20 years ago for abandoning the concerns of working-class women. Barbara Ehrenreich wrote in 1999:

Between the ’70s and the ’90s, the percentage of female students in business, medical and law schools shot up from less than 10% to more than 40%.

There have been, however, no comparable gains for young women who cannot afford higher degrees, and most of these women remain in the same low-paid occupations that have been “women’s work” for decades. … While middle-class women gained MBAs, working-class women won the right not to be called “honey”—and not a whole lot more than that.

Kathleen Geier wrote in The Nation, immediately after the 2016 election:

White women, however, flocked to Trump by a substantial margin and were crucial to his victory. Yet not all white women supported Trump: There was a yawning class divide in their vote. One widely used proxy for the working class is adults who lack a college degree. And while white women who are college-educated supported Hillary over Trump by 6 points, their white, non–college educated counterparts chose Trump by a margin of 28 points. That added up to a cavernous class gap among this group—34 points, 10 points more than that record-setting gender gap.

Yes, those supposedly enlightened and oh-so-socially conscious suburban college-educated women were, and are, significantly opposed to poorer women. Indeed, they are opposed to disadvantaged people of color. They virtue signal for Black Lives Matter, but indicate in every poll that they are resolutely opposed to the presidential candidate who has a real record of actually delivering economic dignity and advancement to the poorest and least advantaged of Americans. Why should they really care, when they have theirs and believe they and theirs will be able to keep what they have?

There was a time when everyone understood something of the value of refined metals, turning cannons into bells, or bells into cannons, as the times required. The LARPing college-age leftists, and too many college-educated white women, don’t value history and don’t value law and order, because they come from a position of such privilege, of so many resources, that they feel their own lives will not be significantly disrupted. Senator Lisa Murkowski has given the game away in her announcement that she will not support Senate Majority Leader McConnell‘s plan to conduct and complete a Supreme Court nomination process before the next presidential term if a seat comes open.

Murkowski, who was first appointed to the seat by her daddy, falsely professes fair play. She, and likely McConnell, hope for President Biden to save them from actually delivering a lasting and solidly constitutional conservative court, that will reverse the Chamber of Commerce and Democrat desired secular supremacist re-write of the Constitution. As a fall-back position, they accept throwing away the Senate majority for what they believe will only be two years, to gut a second Trump term. They are horrified that President Reagan’s posturing and promises of support to cultural conservatives might actually be fulfilled.

This is ultimately about secular elites fighting over the levers of control, intending to be free from interference from people who actually vote their pocketbooks and who feel the negative effects of elite social values. The Trump campaign must make the case to enough people who have felt materially secure that their comfortable lives will likely be disrupted if they let Biden into the White House or Democrats into the majority in the Senate. Hence the very public suburban housing policy reversal. Hence the talk about TicTok being a spy tool for the Chinese communist government, a spy tool reaching into suburban women’s childrens’ lives. Will it be enough to win outside the margin of Democrats’ telegraphed cheating campaign?

* Live Action Role Playing. Contrast with role-playing on a board or video game.

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  1. Jim McConnell Member
    Jim McConnell

    Well said, as usual, Colonel.

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  2. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    This white, college-educated suburban woman has always been an avid Trump supporter. Breaking molds every day. 

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  3. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    RushBabe49 (View Comment):

    This white, college-educated suburban woman has always been an avid Trump supporter. Breaking molds every day.

    Right end of the curve!

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  4. Headedwest Coolidge

    Back in the early 1970s the company I worked for signed an affirmative action agreement  mostly because of the historic lack of black people in management jobs. The practical effect was not much of an employment/promotion bump for black people (not many at the time had the technical or business degrees needed). But the law also designated women as a protected class, so the AA agreement became a huge bonus for white women from affluent families.

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  5. CarolJoy, Above Top Secret Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Above Top Secret

    At the time in 2017, when the Leftist crowd first seized on the importance of destroying statues, the antiquities dealers in China were all about getting American items dating from the 1700’s and 1800’s..

    Every time the crowds brought down another statue, all I could think about was how smart it would have been to carefully take down the statue, sell it through some internet connection, and ship it over to China for huge bucks. The money could go to help young people in disadvantaged areas of the nation have scholarships.

    Many Americans reluctantly supported the statue tear downs, as who wants to think of themself as being a racist? But then over time, the school districts in the South found that the cost of statue removal leeched money out of the school systems there. So eventually the public began to change its mind about the situation.

    However apparently the mobs never got the memo.


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  6. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    If the mostly white leftist mobs continue pursuing officials into the suburbs, the assumption of being insulated from the consequences of elections may well be significantly weakened. See the latest with the black female police chief of Seattle. A mostly white and highly organized unit of black bloc leftists showed up to possibly destroy her suburban home. Neighbors formed a parameter, some openly armed, the local law showed up and the punks left after much very menacing behavior, including towards small children.

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  7. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    The issue of protecting suburban neighborhoods against leftist central planners is a strong winner across demographics, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

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  8. Phil Turmel Inactive
    Phil Turmel

    Clifford A. Brown: on battered bicycles

    Deep-fried bicycles?  (Why else would you batter them?)

    Oh, wait…

    Never mind.  Y’all carry on while I go find a snack… (:

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  9. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Phil Turmel (View Comment):

    Clifford A. Brown: on battered bicycles

    Deep-fried bicycles? (Why else would you batter them?)

    Oh, wait…

    Never mind. Y’all carry on while I go find a snack… (:

    This is the Arizona desert summer, so we fry battered bikes on the sidewalk, along with eggs over easy.

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