Governors, Mayors, Congressional Republicans, and All That Jazz


Daniel Henninger in the WSJ, by way of the Dan Proft show, points to the lasting harm of our supposedly national experts’ response to the Chinese virus. The show and Henninger’s column point to a New York City jazz club owner of some renown in the jazz community. Michael “Spike” Wilner writes a weekly e-mail letter posted online from the SmallsLIVE Foundation. Reading this letter surfaces a key issue that governors and local leaders across the country are failing to address, inflicting far more harm than necessary. The massive financial fissure created by government leaders’ edicts and failure to own the consequences of their edicts is unpaid debt: rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax.

Martha McSally, the rest of the Republican Senators up for reelection, and Mitch McConnell own this as well. They have the power to drive legislation that Democrats could not oppose. They can include immediate refundable tax credits for all rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax forgiveness. Instead, they are printing money to paper around the edges of this financial fissure.

Here is the relevant portion of the SmallsLIVE Foundation newsletter [emphasis added]:

The SmallsLIVE Foundation Newsletter

Dear Friends:

I’ve made one rule for myself over the years in regards to my newsletters – nothing snarky and always say something positive about the music and the scene. But it’s getting harder for me to keep that credo. I’m not worried about being snarky but I am worried about getting dark. New York City is like the New York of Bizzaro World or Kamazotz from “A Wrinkle In Time”. It’s hard to describe but the feeling is gone, the vibe absent. The thing that made New York, New York is missing. What’s it like now? It’s very tense. People are very anxious and angry. Everything is closed or, if open, listless. There is no nightlife. If you leave your apartment after 9PM it’s a complete ghost town inhabited wraiths and zombies, dangerous people. Some restaurants have built elaborate outdoor terraces to take advantage of the governor’s rule that people can eat outside (but not inside, bars and restaurants have been indefinitely closed even past phase 4) so in certain parts of town you have a mob of folks partying outside, like a street fair. Other folks keep their masks tightly on and live in fear. The only place I’ve found some civility and warmth is the city playgrounds where I take my daughter each day. The children are oblivious to the pandemic and just play and climb. The parents and caregivers that are there are grateful to chat a little and try to feel normal.

The big failure in my opinion is how the city and state left all the small businesses high and dry, particularly the service industry and the arts. The loans were ineffective. The so-called PPP loans were only good for eight weeks and now all that money is gone. Maybe some of that debt can be forgiven but we are still closed with no end in sight. How are we supposed to float through this? The land lords are unequivocal in demanding rent even though we have been shut for 150 days. To make matters worse, the property taxes are being levied. In New York City, most business leases impose that the leasee pays the property taxes of the landlord. Smalls was just issued a $25k tax bill on property that has been closed for 4 months. This is the case for hundreds and hundreds of businesses, many in the process of folding. We have yet to really assess the carnage to the New York scene but I think when the dust settles it’s not going to be pretty.

I previously noted that Arizona Governor Ducey and the Arizona Republican Party that controls the state legislature have deliberately avoided abating property tax, which came due in the midst of the governor and city leader ordered shut-downs. While Ducey and the mayors and councils have kept their knees on the necks of small businesses, they have utterly failed to take actions entirely within their authority to mitigate the great and lasting harm they are doing to the tax-paying, voting citizens of Arizona. This gross negligence is compounded by the U.S. Congress, including appointed Senator Martha “I was an A-10 pilot” McSally.

Mitch McConnell and the Chamber of Commerce caucus that is Congressional Republican’t leadership, are on their fourth iteration of supposed relief and mitigation money-printing. However, they have never once even debated the essential component of debt relief. It is not that they do not know of the problem, after all, Martha McSally got that issue directly from me. It is simply that they, including Governor Doug Ducey’s appointed Senator McSally, have chosen to ignore the crushing debt their actions and inactions are piling up upon the American people.

Who benefits? The answer is obvious: U.S. Chamber of Commerce members, the biggest of businesses, the Democrat left and their Republican’t pets. Amazon and Walmart are directly benefiting from government orders destroying small businesses. Local restaurants will be replaced by national chain restaurants, as the only ones big enough to rebuild and to demand government favors at every level.

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  1. Unsk Member

    Clifford, A necessary post.

    The “Conservative Castrati” have failed us. Mitch McConnell has family ties to the ChiCom heirarchy. Most of the Republican senators are bought and paid for by the Corporatist Oligarchs who want nothing better to rip apart small business, and who also have strong ties to the ChiComs. 

    These Republican RINO’s are effectively traitors. They have sided with the enemy in this time of biological War and make no mistake about it – we were definitely attacked by the ChiComs and yet we have not only not responded – we continue to assist those who are trying to bring down this country!

    Daniel Horowitz at Conservative  makes these points in his post Republicans agree to throw money at States shutting down our lives and promoting Rioting:

    “So, what is the punishment for all these liberal governors and county officials violating the Constitution and shutting down our lives when their edicts don’t even work to stop the spread of a transmissible respiratory virus? Senate Republicans and White House officials negotiated a package of bills to throw even more money at the states, thereby further incentivizing them to continue the flat-earth shutdown.”

    “Also, if after accruing monthly deficits as large as our biggest annual deficits and creating more dependency than we had during the Great Depression, how can Republicans run against socialism? What exactly is socialism if not what Republicans are championing?”

    “Here are the top problems with the proposed series of lockdown bailout bills that will add another $1 trillion to the deficit, create permanent dependency, empower the education cartel, and reward and incentivize liberal governors to continue their bad behavior. The actual bill has not been written, but here are the broad contours of the negotiations:”

    • Paying off Teacher’s Unions – for shutting down Schools!

    •Bailing out the Marxist Universities so that can teach BLM Anarchism

    • Creating permanent Dependency

    • Only handouts but no tax cuts

    • Who says crime doesn’t pay?This framework provides governors with a $5 billion slush fund to be used for whatever they want in the realm of education. Could they now use it for BLM activities? Who knows?

    • Throws money at the wrong people Rather than targeting the relief only for those who actually lost income because of the shutdown, regardless of their income, the proposal once again indiscriminately writes checks to anyone under a certain threshold of income, even if they didn’t lose a penny. At the same time, it provides nothing to those above that threshold, even if they lost everything.

    • Investing in a reopening while funding a shutdown

    Fundamentally, this bill rewards bad behavior of the states and further incentivizes and subsidizes shutdown, while doing nothing to spawn economic activity, such as regulatory and tax cuts. If anything, it further subsidizes unemployment and the shutdown of our schools. If Republicans are going to bankrupt us with welfare with no regard for the debt, at least slash taxes and get some growth out of it.

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  2. DonG (skeptic) Coolidge
    DonG (skeptic)

    I think most of the Dems leaders are hoping to flip the federal government and that the federal government will cover all the costs of sabotaging the economy.  The idea is to be arsonist and fire-firefighter.  I’ll end up paying for everything:(

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  3. Sisyphus Member

    DonG (skeptic) (View Comment):

    I think most of the Dems leaders are hoping to flip the federal government and that the federal government will cover all the costs of sabotaging the economy. The idea is to be arsonist and fire-firefighter. I’ll end up paying for everything:(

    Vote for Biden! He has the plan!

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  4. Rodin Member

    Republican’t. I’ve got to use that more. (sigh) Of course, its more like Republiwon’t.

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  5. Sisyphus Member

    Rodin (View Comment):

    Republican’t. I’ve got to use that more. (sigh) Of course, its more like Republiwon’t.

    And, once again, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

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  6. Ontheleftcoast Member

    Who benefits? The answer is obvious: U.S. Chamber of Commerce members, the biggest of businesses, the Democrat left and their Republican’t pets. Amazon and Walmart are directly benefiting from government orders destroying small businesses.

    What, you thought the overt Never Trump pundits were the only stealth Democrats? GOPe, swamp, whatever. These are skilled professionals, not yapping dogs, and the Uniparty is not the friend of the United States of America. This is the elites against the middle class. They don’t want citizens, they want government clients. The rioters serve their interests. 

    Oh, by the way:

    The video’s release coincided with Lopez Obrador’s visit to the states of Guanajuato, Jalisco and Colima, some of the cartel’s strongholds.

    “They are sending a clear message… that they basically rule Mexico, not Lopez Obrador,” said Mike Vigil, a former chief of international operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Unlike his predecessors, Lopez Obrador has taken a less confrontational approach on security, preferring to attack what he describes as root causes like poverty and youth joblessness, via social spending.

    But the strategy, branded by Lopez Obrador as one of “hugs, not bullets,” has emboldened criminal groups, many security analysts say.

    The president’s approach “has only led these cartels to operate with more impunity,” Vigil said.

    Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación has been setting up shop across the USA, and you can bet that they’re taking note of events in the USA.

    They too are the enemies of the middle class, of the rule of law, of liberty and justice. 

    The Uniparty will be able to work with them, though.


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  7. Clifford A. Brown Contributor
    Clifford A. Brown

    Rodin (View Comment):

    Republican’t. I’ve got to use that more. (sigh) Of course, its more like Republiwon’t.

    Yes, but their constant excuse is “can’t.” Can’t because we just have the House. Can’t because we just have the House and Senate. Can’t because you elected the wrong Republican president, who we will spent 3 years pretending to be concerned was really under a cloud of illegitimacy, suspected of being elected by magic Russian interference, and anyway, you just didn’t understand that giving us the House, the Senate, and the Presidency is still not good enough because of the sacred Filibuster

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  8. Taras Coolidge

    Whenever I hear people urging the Republicans to be more aggressive, I keep thinking of Jeff Davis replacing Joe Johnston with John Bell Hood before Atlanta.

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