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    James Of England

    This is a particularly good example of Peter’s interviewing skills. Enough depth to produce interesting statements, but moving quickly. Some pressure, but with enough comfort that Newt is thinking about policy rather than worrying about potential gotchas.

    Perfect explanation. You’ve got it.

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    He looked exhausted to me but was irresistable as always (and it was a great interview, also as always).

    I’d like to hear him defend his Medicare reform against charges that it’s unworkable. Most critiques I’ve seen describe it as offering a choice between a Ryan-like defined-contribution plan and our current and unaltered defined-benefit plan, with the latter continuing with its spiraling-upward funding — a fact that would make the playing field unlevel and ensure that the status quo remains the “better” choice for seniors in perpetuity.

    Since Medicare reform is our most pressing and toughest nut to crack — yes, way more than Social Security reform — getting a workable plan from each of the candidates is important. Romney’s got one. Santorum, too. But not Newt, best I can tell. 

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    LOL scornfully. The majority of knocks against Newt are second hand, the product of others’ manufacture and your credulity. Not sayin’ there’s nothing valid against him, but on balance I hear way more smoke than fire. (Sorry, borken metaphor.)

    A challenge: for what serious arguments againstthat otherGingrich can you find compelling evidence, of sufficient length and depth to provide independent context? Are you just hitchhiking on the bandwagon?

    Jeez. I bet a lot of you people believe in anthropogenic global warming, too. No, oops, wait, bad example, … · 23 hours ago

    Santorum, I think, is a better choice, however, and once he became viable my support shifted to him. …

    When did Santorum become viable? Did I miss something? 

    It’s silly to be so desperate that we try to fit Santorum into the presidency. He is not viable. He cannot win. He won’t be supported when push comes to shove — and it will come to that pushing and shoving point. 

    Santorum’s “viability” is a symptom of the dysfunctional state of the Republicans and the conservatives. 

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