Forget the Spin, Dig in and Work to Win


The spin all around us is calculated both to keep us clicking and to suppress our political activism. I get that it seems like institutions all around us are falling before the leftist mob. All is not as it seems.

Look, corporations, leaders, and staff in religious organizations were already on the left. Government officials were not intimidated, they were already allies with the leftists in the streets. We all know this from years of complaining about the craziness coming out of one city after another.

What matters is who shows up in sufficient numbers for the November election. Will people who hate having their store, their job, their neighborhood burnt and trashed show up and vote accordingly? Will other generations outvote the portion of the youngest voting generation that supports the madness?

Do we only do our minimum bit and fill out our own ballot, or do we dial for voters, support registration, seek to persuade in and outside our bubble? Are we planning to help the old folks in the home nearby? Are we pushing our local Republican precincts to ballot-harvest harder than Democrats, if that is the game called in our state?

But they cheat! So what is new? We have always had to vote beyond the margin of cheating. That is why Hugh Hewitt wrote “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat” in 2004. That was 16 years ago.

Politics ain’t beanball. No sniveling. There is no virtue in losing an election. Fight to win.

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  1. RightAngles Member

    I feel as though I’m in a psy-op. Project Mockingbird.

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  2. Samuel Block Support
    Samuel Block

    Warriors, come out and play!

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