ACF PoMoCon #18: Richard Reinsch


So this is the second in our series on the late professor of political philosophy and public intellectual Peter Lawler. Today, I talk with my friend Richard Reinsch, the editor at Law & Liberty, and co-author of Peter’s last book, A Constitution In Full, an attempt to retrieve the complex American history that made for the middle-class nation, especially to retrieve the complement to our excessive individualism–our relational being.

Here’s our first in the series, with renowned Prof. Pat Deneen of Notre Dame.

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  1. Jim Beck Member
    Jim Beck

    Morning Titus,

    Another super conversation.  If you were to imagine what would open the eyes of our younger folks to the beauty of Christian faith so that they would become interested in looking into this faith thing, what would inspire this type of curiousity.  The young friends we have are already often believers, and the non believers are so ignorant about faith that they do not even consider it, feeling that it is empty of value.  I am beginning to think that our current problems are due to a loss of common understandings of Christian thought, each individuals need for grace, the wickedness of envy, the presence of God in our daily lives.

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  2. Titus Techera Contributor
    Titus Techera

    Restoring the respectability of Christianity, the minimum requirements for people to be open to entering into a new community, discovering the faith, & understanding what their hopes really are–it takes a certain indirection, promoting new public figures. America is not even as a society what it was in 1980. I think people are needed who see what’s happening & do not entertain delusions; & who have learned the difference between saying things & doing things. The changes America needs require a lot of doing.

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