Volume Up, Windows Down


Driving around with the volume up and windows down is requisite every summer. Preferably on a wide, open road headed to the canyon, lake, mountains, anywhere except home. Ok, sometimes in town. Here are some of my favorites to listen to.

You knew this one was coming!

There are too many, but these make me happy!

Please share yours! Feel the wind in your hair and sing along!

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  1. Ed G. Inactive
    Ed G.

    ShaunaHunt (View Comment):

    Ed G. (View Comment):

    Lots of Led to choose from but here are two:

    So many from Led Zepplin!

    Ain’t that the truth! This one was especially difficult for me – I like all of their stuff and turn up the volume whenever they pop up. Sometimes I’ll roll down the window even in winter.

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  2. Ed G. Inactive
    Ed G.

    Judge Mental (View Comment):

    This one for driving.


    Oh some of those audience members made me laugh. The girl with the giant glasses, my sister had those. I probably had the male version too, not quite as giant and goofy looking, but almost. Then the girl with the tight curl perm, with the girl behind her with the feathered look; my other sister had both of those styles at about that time. Definitely REO evokes a time period for me. 

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