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Rob Long can’t take a compliment from an executive, and as punishment, he’s subjected to an awkward personal conversation. It was worse than it sounds.

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  1. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    The lesson here falls under something my kid learned in karate class: Your response to either a compliment or an insult should be the same. Be polite. Don’t take it to heart.

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    • May 28, 2012, at 6:50 AM PDT
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  2. Profile Photo Member

    Where I grew up, “Having a moment” was a commodal, rather than a communal, experience.

    Meanwhile, back in the good ol’ DDR it was, apparently, both:



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    • May 28, 2012, at 7:02 AM PDT
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  3. dogsbody Inactive

    I think Rob has lost weight.

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    • May 28, 2012, at 7:41 AM PDT
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  4. Starve the Beast Inactive

    Hey Rob, you’ve lost weight! And in places where people don’t usually lose weight!

    Why are you looking at me like that?

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    • May 28, 2012, at 8:47 AM PDT
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  5. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller Joined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Another good insight, Rob. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

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    • May 28, 2012, at 9:16 AM PDT
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  6. SooperMexican Inactive

    In public school, I would often get, “You’re really smart for a Mexican!” These were intended to be sincere compliments. Once I got from a friend, “Really? You’re Mexican? I thought you were just a really tanned white guy, or a Korean.” Work on those compliments, people.

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    • May 29, 2012, at 8:24 AM PDT
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