The Abject Unselfawareness of Leftists: James Carville on Republicans


James Carville, whom everyone on Ricochet knows, has come out with another good one. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that reasonably intelligent people can be this dense.

He says that Republicans will kill people, to stay in power, literally. Emphasis mine.

Funny, but I thought that leftists, who will fight for the right to kill people every day (by aborting thousands of unborn people), were the ones who will do literally anything to stay in power.

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  1. David Carroll Thatcher
    David Carroll

    He knows that he would support Democrats killing to stay in power, so naturally, he assumes Republicans would do the same.

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  2. David Carroll Thatcher
    David Carroll

    Of course, certain prominent Democrats have a reputation for making it look like suicide.

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  3. Joshua Bissey Coolidge
    Joshua Bissey

    @rushbabe49, that is a very important point. We tend to gloss over the fact that the opposition party loudly defends the murder of children. Then they call us bigots or meanies or whatever, and we waste our time defending ourselves, as if we are the ones who need to be justified.

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  4. Sisyphus (Rolling Stone) Member
    Sisyphus (Rolling Stone)

    And where was Carville when Epstein was murdered? Just asking.

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  5. OldPhil Coolidge

    James Carville looks more and more like someone . . . 

    See the source image

    Image result for gollum pics

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    Jimmy evidently forgot to load up his quads and jump the shark weeks ago when the rest of the (D)/MSM/Culture Combine already blamed Trump for killing thousands through his ineptitude in the handling of the Covid 19 pandemic … or was it the evil genius Trump purposely culling the (D) voting base as handsome Jimmy is suggesting.

    With a gullible anti-Trump base the story doesn’t have to be coherent, as long as the story contains the requisite “Trump is Bad” ending.

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  7. Old Bathos Moderator
    Old Bathos

    Carville knows that when your side is behaving badly or has nothing to offer, it is imperative to caricature the other side.  If Trump had made some glaring mistakewhile Pelosi and Schumer had behaved nobly and wisely, imagine how different his pitch would be.

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  8. Stad Coolidge

    I’m reminded of the parody on Rush’s show where Larry King interviews Ken Starr with James Carville jumping in accusing Starr of being “a space alien from Mars selling cigarettes to your children”.  Priceless . . .

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  9. Jim McConnell Member
    Jim McConnell

    An accurate one word description of James Carville, from his Clinton years: Reptilian.

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  10. Ray Kujawa Coolidge
    Ray Kujawa

    There’s only one thing worse than Republicans trying to kill y’all babies with second hand smoke from Joe Camel, and that’s Democratic governors fumbling the response to the coronavirus crisis.

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  11. Cal Lawton Member
    Cal Lawton

    Yeah, Jimmy is past his sell-by-date, so dropping a line like that is slop for the chattering class. I’m glad he said it so it reminds us of just what kind jerk he is.

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  12. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    Carville is a political hack – I don’t expect much more – what gets me if “journalists” like Chuck Todd who complains about the Tone of GOP and will ignore people Carville 

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  13. Jon1979 Lincoln

    It’s already been noted elsewhere, but once you get to the point as Carville has that you’re saying Republicans will kill people to stay in power, doesn’t that, in turn, by nature say that Republicans are evil, and therefore any method to take them out in James Hodgkinson-like fashion is justified?

    Carville of course isn’t going to go there and would be affronted if anyone ever asked him if that was  the logical end result of his claim. Reality is he’s simply part of the Democrats’ hyperbolic spin machine, where the best way to be heard is to try and up the fear factor as much as possible. But at the same time, if a more competent mass murderer than Hodgkinson were to decide to heed Carville’s warnings and act on it, James would deny any culpability (and would be backed up by the same media who were perfectly fine with blaming Gabby Giffords’ shootings on a Sarah Palin ad with target markers on it that had nothing to do with the same type of hyperbole Carville’s engaging in here).

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  14. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    I’m starting to notice that the more good news we hear about Covid , new treatments , dropping deaths, less cases etc. the more absolutely hysterical the left is getting. 

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  15. Sisyphus (Rolling Stone) Member
    Sisyphus (Rolling Stone)

    It is better to be silent and suspected of being a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

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  16. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    David Carroll (View Comment):

    He knows that he would support Democrats killing to stay in power, so naturally, he assumes Republicans would do the same.

    The tendency of Democrats to project onto others what they would do became transparent at the 2016 presidential election. Now it becomes easier and easier for us to see Democratic projections. 

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  17. MichaelHenry Inactive

    Carville’s wife, Mary Matalin, calls him “serpent head.” Enough said.


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