Death Panels Have a New Name: Care Pathways


Sarah Palin was, of course, an idiot to suggest that socialized medicine inevitably leads to bureaucratically administered euthanasia.  From the (UK) Daily Mail:

Hospitals may be withholding food and drink from elderly patients so they die quicker to cut costs and save on bad spaces, leading doctors have warned.

Thousands of terminally ill people are placed on a ‘care pathway’ every year to hasten the ends of their lives.

But in a letter to the Daily Telegraph, six doctors who specialise in elderly care said hospitals across the UK could be using the controversial practice to ease the pressure on resources.

Boy, is that Sarah Palin an idiot or what?

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    “Care Pathways”? Has there ever been a more Orwellian term for Euthanasia?

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    Sometimes ya gotta wonder…what was that idiot Palin ever wrong about?

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  3. Profile Photo Thatcher
    DrewInWisconsin: “Care Pathways”? Has there ever been a more Orwellian term for Euthanasia? · 2 minutes ago

    A Euthanasia euphemism?

    Eric Blair, call your office.

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  4. Profile Photo Inactive

    In the UK, many pensioners have only a state pension, which comes to about $5/day, just 3 pounds.  Utilities, food, all payments have to come from this meager sum. Elderly Britons must apply to move to smaller accommodation  if they find they can’t pay their utilities, although fuel is subsidized for them.  They risk being moved to a rough neighborhood or just further from their friends, family and social scene if they apply, so it’s understandable when they don’t.  

    A popular suggestion is that the UK cut back its foreign aid by the billions and the money saved could then be directed at British elderly, who have paid throughout their lives into the social system.  It is expected that the number of elderly will increase 30% while the baby boomers age.

    Another social problem is that the state seizes the property of those who need special care or residential care to pay down costs.  This means the middle class gets no boost through inheritance.  All will rely on the state.  The state isn’t coping well, though, with fewer doctors, fewer home care personnel and fewer spaces in assisted residences.  Death care pathways loom.

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    I suppose it is better than the “care autobahn”

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    They’ve managed to come up with something that sounds even LESS like something the government should be involved in, and more like something that needs to be left to families, loved ones.

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    The last time, it took only a few years of propaganda to persuade enough people to re-classify what had been a class of human beings.  How long will it take this time?

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    Spot on, sir.  The media assassination of her was disgusting.  She sees through the lies and tells it like it is.  They hate that.

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    The idiots were those who voted Obama/Biden. And who may yet again… Sigh.

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    My husband, a disabled NAVY vet is on a “care pathway” through the VA.  They should rename it “Minefield in the Dark”.

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    Grizzlys = Care bears

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    Has anyone told Julia?

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    I propose that the accepted term for the system be changed to ‘ Actual Existing Health Care ‘

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    My favorite Tea Party sign to take to protests reads:


    :For our elderly—euthanasia.

    For our youth—debt to Asia.

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    Charles Mark: Has anyone told Julia? · 28 minutes ago

    You know that is *!@#$% BRILLIANT!  Romney or a PAC needs to do ad campaign based on Julia getting tracked for the “Care Pathway” under Obamacare.  They could set it up on the web where you move through it like a choose your own adventure, but each selection leads to Logan’s Run’s Carousel….  
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    The NHS version of Austerity.

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    Beautifully Orwellian!  I wonder if the sign over the entrances to the retirement camps read:

    “Hungern macht Frei”

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    Why does this remind me of the ethical suicide parlors in Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House? I must have read the book 35 years ago, but this stuck with me.

    Once upon a time I served as a hospital chaplain, along with a number of other clergy. One chaplain openly proclaimed that the most humane way of dealing with the elderly was to shut them up in rooms alone, with no food and water. We waved her off as a nut…

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    Read the comments on the article, some are absolutely unreal. “Another smear on doctors. All about dirty hospitals and bad nurses.”, “We must rid the world of the scourge of old age”, “They should check they funds first..”

    Ive visited hospitals in Liverpool, London and Staffordshire over the last year for work. Some are great, some are horrific. They all seemed to think that any otehr way would be much worse. Everyone believed that people were just dying in the streets in the US for lack of funds.

    Canada as well. “It may not be perfect, but at least Im not dying because I cant pay for my heart attack.”  And, in the meantime….

    Side note I picked up. Theres also a truly Orwellian manipulation of language. UK folks call the doctors “Consultants” and the surgeons “mr” and “mrs”. Nice way to subtlely let the doc’s know that they arent that important, so dont get all uppity about status and payment. You’re just another cog mister.

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    Validation is a sweet thing. Despite having the courage of my convictions, it’s still nice when I hear Rush or Jay (Severin) or any of the others say things that I’ve recently thought or argued. Not only is it proof that we’re not mind-numbed robots, it just serves as further proof that we’re on the right track.  I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing these things.

    So when I saw Rob’s post about SP (um, can I actually write out her full name now?) and death panels and that story from the UK, I was extremely pleased.  Just 2 days ago I had used that story to ridicule some of my Lib/Leftist family & friends on the same grounds as Rob’s post.

    Thanks, Rob.

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    Drug assissted starvation is common as an end of life experience throughout the US. Oher than in Oregon, I don’t think there is another option for euthanasia in the US. It is more common than people realize but not government policy yet.

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    James Gawron:  There are things that are worse than having no health care.  I don’t  recommend being without health care.  I think we should make every effort to improve the system but I will say it twice.  There are things that are worse than having no health care.  Adults know exactly what I’m talking about.


    Jim · 10 hours ago

    Jim, completely agree.  But I would like to use your comment to nit-pick terminology. 

    It’s not our fault, but Obamacare, Medicare, Managed Care, Medicaid etc. have blurred the lines between “health care” and “health insurance.”  This adds to the confusion and makes it even harder for progressives and conservatives to discuss intelligently.  I’d like for us, at least here on Ricochet, to clarify what we mean in this discussion.  For example, I think I know what you mean by “health care” but I would call it “universal government-provided health care.”

    And if I am wrong, that just illustrates my point.

    Transparently yours ;-) 


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    I have relatives who are wonderfully moral, brilliant, caring doctors.  I know many such doctors in my community.  As individuals doctors are the best of us.

    However, bureaucracy coupled to ideology is the absolute power that corrupts absolutely.  I must remind everyone, many in my own Jewish Community also, that it was the National Health Service of Nazi Germany that was the executioner of the Holocaust.  The most vicious and relentless persecutor of the 20th century was Soviet Communist Psychiatry.

    There are things that are worse than having no health care.  I don’t  recommend being without health care.  I think we should make every effort to improve the system but I will say it twice.  There are things that are worse than having no health care.  Adults know exactly what I’m talking about.

    The adolescents running Washington D.C. need to be removed ASAP.  May Gd grant Mitt a little grace.  He needs it and we need it.



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    I vote that we call them afterlife express lanes.

    The fact is, this easing out (as one physician friend reported his patient asked) happens every day. That these decisions are made by physicians and families, and sometimes the patient, does not make it ok that the government wants to make those decisions for you. There are so many people of good will on the right and the left who miss that point. 

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  25. Profile Photo Coolidge

    As punishment they’ll withhold Sarah’s food and water.

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    saving on “bad spaces” is literally true!

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    Sarah Palin isn’t an idiot, but I have serious doubts about Justice Roberts.

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    Upon further review I don’t believe that  Palin nor Roberts lack mental facility, I just think that the former is courageous and the latter is a coward.

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    I vote for #DeathPathways as the better term.

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    Some are suggesting that this Liverpool Care Pathway has been used somewhat too…preemptively since its inception.

    It seems that one famous Liverpudlian’s question has been answered:

    “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64…”


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