“Somebody Made That Happen”


Here’s all you need to know about what, exactly, Barack Obama thinks about business — the small kind, the large kind, the family kind, the any kind:

It’s almost too perfect, isn’t it?  And I especially love that turn of phrase —  “somebody made that happen.”

It’s always somebody for the left, isn’t it?  Somebody will pay.  Somebody will do it.

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    Yeah, well, “somebody” can kiss my muscular buttocks.

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    George Savage: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that; somebody else made that happen.”

    Okay.  Anyone care to guess what happens to my business if I stay home next week and wait for “somebody else” to turn up to build it for me?

    Multiply the above times many millions and gaze forth on our present economic doldrums with wide-eyed understanding. · 4 hours ago

    Who is John Galt?

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    James Of England

    It does violate the CoC.

    Obscenities and vulgarities, even using various symbols for letters, or shorthand (e.g., text messaging abbreviations). Ricochet style is to use [expletive].

    It might not seem important, but the distinctive Ricochet culture of politeness is maintained, in part, by a broken windows policy. The concept of acceptable breaches undermines the bright line rule, and it’s an important line to maintain. · 21 minutes ago

    Stop quoting the rules, it makes you look like an [expletive].

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    I have no dog in this hunt, but to say that when Americans elect a horrible president, you really go full-tilt derp.

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    What an economic illiterate.  I can’t imagine Clinton or even Carter spouting such anti-capitalist drivel.  We know what to expect for the next four months as Obama tries to pander to as many groups as possible to build his coalition. 

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    Dan Hanson: … and it goes all the way back to Rousseau vs Locke.  Are we free people born with the innate right to make our way through life by engaging in commerce and other activities in mutual agreement with fellow free citizens, and with no one having the right to take what we earn or coerce us into activities we choose not to do?  Or are we born as members of a collective with responsibilities to an entity greater than ourselves?

    We should add to Rousseau and Locke one George Orwell.  Leftists like Obama are all about which animals are more equal than others in the farm yard. While Union members and Pelosi’s constituents get exemptions, Obamacare is said to be good for the rest of us. Now sit down and shut-up about the unemployment rate, separation of powers and other bourgeoisie concerns lest you become identified as a class enemy. Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism is the indispensable guide to this political season.  It’s all one long déjà vu with the Left.

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    His logic (to be generous and call it that) is completely invalidated by the fact that EVERYONE benefits from public resources of infrastructure and education (granted some enjoy private schooling).  That fact still doesn’t explain why some people build businesses and some do not.  That happens because individual people take risks, put some or all of whatever wealth they have accumulated on the table (and/or have convinced a lender to loan them) and pour out their effort to create a product or provide a service that they hope others will want to buy at a price that allows the producer to make a profit.  It is truly scary to think that the POTUS is now articulating themes that when I was in college were something you’d only hear from left-wing professors. It is amazing how thoroughly the left has gotten its message mobilized thoroughout society. We have to regain dominance of the narrative before its too late!!! 

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    EstoniaKat: I have no dog in this hunt, but to say that when Americans elect a horrible president, you really go full-tilt derp.

    I couldn’t help myself . . .


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    When I jacked in my safe salary and mortgaged everything to start my own business – someone else did that? I thought I did that.

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    “Success has many fathers, and failure is an orphan” – JFK

    We all pay taxes for services such as roads and bridges, but very few people build successful businesses.  So building roads and bridges doesn’t create successful businesses, it just supports them.  Who did create that business after all?

     Where does this end?  What percentage of future success is attributable to my fifth-grade teacher?  Doctor? Lawyer?  The farmer who grows my food?  (Actually, free markets figure out the value).

    Worse, the President is implying that by paying taxes, we are somehow paying back those who helped us along the way.  So how does the government get that teacher her fair share?  

    If indeed we are all “partners in success” who reimburses entrepeneurs in the event their business fails?  Where are all the “partners” when we are trying to raise capital, or taking on personal debt, or working 80-hour weeks??  

    That’s not “fair”.

    Since fairness is so important to our President, perhaps he feels that the government should provide the seed money for all new ventures so that entrepreneurs are not unfairly burdened by the capital risk they take?

    Yikes!  Let’s not go there.

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    Telling an entrepreneur that he owes his success to roads and schools is like telling a pro quarterback that he owes his touchdowns to referees and lawnmowers.

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