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  1. Hammer, The Member
    Hammer, The

    I wasn’t on when this was recorded… or I would have said:

    Here in WA, there are a lot of people who, in February (and January), had flu-like symptoms that sounded a lot like covid.  And with this having been in the US for quite some time longer than people understood, and potentially having a high instance of mild cases, it leaves a lot of people wondering if that’s what we all had (flu also went around in December).

    The problem with that, though, is the fact that it wasn’t all that long before Dr’s in China were saying “hey, this is something we’ve never seen before,” and raising the alarm.  Doctors who have seen it here describe it as something they’ve never encountered before as well.  If this truly is something that passed through the state already and a lot of people have already had it, why weren’t doctors in Seattle and elsewhere making the same observations and raising similar alarms?

    (I’d still like to have that question answered… maybe Peter can phone up Dr. Jay and ask real quick)

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  2. JB123 Lincoln

    Please have more of these type discussions.  Extremely informative and rational.

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