Words to Remember, Especially for Never-Trumpers


I don’t agree with everything that Kevin Williamson has to say but a recent article of his contained a few sentences that should be required reading for those who “just can’t get past” Trump’s volatile personality. And, it’s a reminder for all of us that, even though the poster child for senility has taken the lead in the Democratic race, it’s still the party of AOC and Bernie.

When James Carville warns about driving away blue-collar and rural voters, Democrats in Brooklyn hear that Southern accent and quietly whisper, “Good riddance.”  The Democrats are in the mood for culture war, not for coalition-building and reconciliation.  They do not wish to win with moderation and compromise, because they do not wish to govern with moderation and compromise.

Williamson touched on their ideology,

They are committed to their belief that Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were “on the right side of history,” that those who opposed them were monsters, and that those who rallied to the flag of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao were only humanitarians with excessive enthusiasm — “liberals in a hurry,” as they used to say.

When reading Williamson’s article, I thought about the consummate Never-Trumper, Bill Kristol. Even when he claimed to be a conservative, I had little use for him (with his condescending, arrogant manner, I always pictured him in a black uniform wearing a coal scuttle helmet). That these “ideologically pure” windbags would choose a candidate from today’s Democratic Party over Trump, out of sheer spite, is unconscionable.

When it comes to Donald Trump, there is clearly much to dislike. However, when it comes to today’s Democratic Party, he is a knight in shining armor.

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    CACrabtree: When it comes to Donald Trump, there is clearly much to dislike. However, when it comes to today’s Democratic Party, he is a knight in shining armor.

    Well, no. The fact that the democrats have become so radical does not increase the appeal of Pres. Trump. Both are capable of doing considerable damage. Yesterday, in his daily briefing he went on a rant about the Europeans. Very odd and unnecessary.

    The Euros need to be brutalized. Not odd and necessary.

    What, exactly, did he say? Exact quote, in context, please. I’ve found that the media/NeverTrump axis usually distorts everything the President says because of their deep hatred of him.

    Mar. 25th. I only one I have seen parts of. truck me as odd. Here is the transcript:

    I don’t know that we’ll need that, but I think it’s happening by itself. I think a lot of things are happening. Well, we make the best medical equipment in the world, and you have some people like the European Union, they don’t take it because they have specifications that don’t allow our equipment in because it’s designed in a different way, even though it’s a better way. It’s designed. They’re all playing games against us, okay. They’ve been playing games against us for years and no president has ever done anything about it.

    Not terribly productive.

    I can’t get past the splash window of that site. But it appears that when you said “He went on a rant about the Europeans” you were exaggerating. From this small context it’s clear he’s talking about the EU regulations that prevent us from sharing our equipment with anyone in Europe. He’s right about the problem with regulations, which is why his administration is doing a great job trying to remove the roadblocks that are preventing us from properly dealing with this virus.

    And the Italian government is also complaining about EU regulations, and ready to leave the EU over their poor Coronavirus response. So it’s not just the President.


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  2. Instugator Thatcher

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    I never fail to be amazed as how “NeverTrumpers” are continually reviled. The Dems hate us because we believe in markets and freedom, and the current Republican Party hates us because we believe in Conservatism as practiced by Reagan.

    There is little to be gained by arguing. I will simply say that I dissent.

    You do not have any point of view that will make any difference. Just quit and join the Dems.


    And this is the Trump republican party? Think correctly or we will revile you? Neat.

    Nah. Just pointing out that someone who supports Dems ought to publicly join them and quit gaslighting the rest of us.

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