The Path is Gone


The Path is Gone

The way through the forest seemed sure
the light on the peak shined pure,
but then, the path was gone.

I sought the sun to shine on me
A hard climb to victory
but now, the path was gone.

I spin, I search, I turn
I hear, I look, I learn
and still, the path is gone.

I cry out “What is the way?”
I bow, I ask, I pray
and yet, the path is Gone.

I am not lost.
I know who I am
it’s just the path is Gone

Behind me lays the trail I made
Before me lay the trails I’ll make
the path is Mine!

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  1. RightAngles Member

    Very nice!

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  2. Suspira Member

    Behind me *lies* the trail I made…

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  3. Bryan G. Stephens Thatcher
    Bryan G. Stephens

    Suspira (View Comment):

    Behind me *lies* the trail I made…

    It sounds better my way, and in a poem, grammar does not matter. ;)

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