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As I know many of our colleagues are devotees of that premier institution of higher education Hillsdale College, and in the probably unlikely event that those of us who love that College and everything it stands for may not already know this, I would like to share the good news that it is now offering a new course, based on Wilfred McKay’s new text, on the actual, not the product of Marxists like Howard Zinn, history of America.

Here is the course description:

The Great American Story: A Land of Hope
This course explores the history of America as a land of hope founded on high principles. In presenting the great triumphs and achievements of our nation’s past, as well as the shortcomings and failures, it offers a broad and unbiased study of the kind essential to the cultivation of intelligent patriotism.

It is described as a “free” online course, but one is prompted to make a contribution before logging into the course. If the content is anything even approaching the quality of the trailer, it would be, as an old friend was fond of saying, “cheap at twice the price!”

Enjoy! Jim

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  1. cdor Member
    cdorJoined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    I am meeting a young student from Hillsdale in just a few hours for lunch. He reached out to me sight unseen. I was happy to host him.

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    • February 12, 2020, at 8:49 AM PST
  2. Nerina Bellinger Member

    Thanks, Jim!

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    • February 12, 2020, at 9:21 AM PST
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  3. Susan Quinn Contributor

    I can say that the book is excellent and good reading. And the Hillsdale courses are also very good.

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    • February 12, 2020, at 9:31 AM PST
  4. JennaStocker Member

    Thanks for sharing the info. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would have gone to Hillsdale and actually received the college education I was hoping for.

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    • February 12, 2020, at 9:41 AM PST
  5. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    All you homeschoolers out there, gather the kids and watch all the lectures together and discuss.

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    • February 12, 2020, at 10:30 AM PST
  6. Douglas Pratt Coolidge
    Douglas PrattJoined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    I’m there. Thank you!

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    • February 12, 2020, at 12:04 PM PST
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  7. Henry Castaigne Member

    Every Hillsdale course I’ve taken has been fantastic. Also, it’s not quite as right wing as you might think. The history doesn’t scrimp on the cruelty of slavery and the flaws of the founding fathers for example. 

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    • February 13, 2020, at 4:01 AM PST