Puppies for Obama!


For anecdotal evidence of California’s electoral uncompetitiveness, check out what passes for political advocacy in my Silicon Valley neighborhood.  Never mind the 10.7 percent local unemployment rate or the perennially yawning federal budget deficit:  The President’s dog wants Obama reelected and, presumably, you should too.

And thus do some of the wealthiest and most highly educated people on the planet address the issues of the day.

Of course, around here the Obama bumper sticker is more moral fashion statement than any real attempt at persuasion.  After all, everyone who is anyone in Northern California already agrees that Obama must be reelected.  

The important thing for the citizen in each election cycle is to bravely make a public stand supporting the Left … just like everybody else.

Whatever it is that Obama is actually advocating this time around–status quo hope and change?– supporting it feels good, and that’s what counts.  Never forget that you and your dog stand cheek-by-jowl at the barricades against truly horrific plans of a demonic Right.  The specifics certainly elude you and change each day in any event, but whatever the nutcases from the Republican party are planning must be 100 percent evil. 

Puppies for Obama; people should rationally weigh the pros and cons of each candidate.

I think I’ll keep my debates to Ricochet for now.

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    Four years ago, while out to lunch with my visiting family, I nearly choked on my sandwich when a Vanderbilt med student (one of the most pretentious, self-important populations I’ve ever interacted with) walked by wearing an Obama ’08 T-shirt. The back read “Trust me, I’m (almost) a doctor.”

    I’m more likely to trust the political judgement of the puppy.

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    Don’t be too hard on him; he’s just trying to avoid being eaten.

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  3. Profile Photo Contributor

    Has “God for Obama” come out yet?

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  4. Profile Photo Member
    A.D.P. Efferson: Has “God for Obama” come out yet? · 6 minutes ago

    I don’t know, but “What Would Obama Do?” has.

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  5. Profile Photo Inactive

    Somehow the image of people sniffing each other’s behinds in a Whole Foods in Woodside presented itself to me.  This is going to put dinner off for another hour . 

    Howdee from missoura, where Todd Akin is still a candidate and Jerry Brown might be a unicorn .

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  6. Profile Photo Contributor

    I’m certain the CoC forbids me to mention a repellent habit some dogs have, which is roughly analogous to voting for President Obama a second time. 

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  7. Profile Photo Contributor

    I’m certain the CoC forbids me to mention a repellent habit some dogs have, which is roughly analogous to voting for President Obama a second time. 

    (Pardon the double post; can’t delete. Quite apt, now that I think of it.)

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  8. Profile Photo Inactive

    Obama bites taxpayer.

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  9. Profile Photo Inactive

    I bark for Barack…to stop eating my cousin Spot.

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  10. Profile Photo Inactive

    Dog Whistle call for Obama voters ? Just a thought.

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  11. Profile Photo Inactive

    Where’s Spot?

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  12. Profile Photo Member

    I’m sure people are thinking, “We put a picture of a dog on the outside of our car but Romney put an actual dog on his,” then in November they will vote for the guy who actually ate a dog.

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  13. Profile Photo Podcaster
    A.D.P. Efferson: Has “God for Obama” come out yet? · 1 hour ago

    In Obama’s mind, that would be a redundancy.  Hey!  Where’d the Geaux Tigers avatar geaux?  

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  14. Profile Photo Inactive

    I will be curious to see if all the bumper sticker fashionista turn out and vote this time.

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  15. Profile Photo Member

    I guess a dog is a good image of an Obama voter. They sit by an empty bowl and wait for someone else to fill it for them.

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  16. Profile Photo Inactive

    Will ID’s be required to provide proof of species?

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  17. Profile Photo Inactive

    James, I can think of one analogous repellent habit some dogs have that leaves the crease in my pants somewhat beneath the crisp standard of David Brooks. Accompanying that repellent habit is not exactly what I would deem ” a tingle up my leg.” Alas, increasingly, Obama expects me to brook this behavior and vote for him again.

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  18. Profile Photo Member

    As J.D. says, as soon as Bo stops barking for Barack, he’ll be puppy pad Thai and canine chop suey.

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  19. Profile Photo Inactive
    George Savage

    Puppies for Obama;peopleshould rationally weigh the pros and cons of each candidate.

    Pro-Romney – he ties puppies to the roof of his car, giving them fresh air and a fine view of the countryside.

    Con-Obama – he eats ’em.

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  20. Profile Photo Member

    Animals have rights, too, don’t they, so will he vote and not just bark for Barack? Of course, what’s the voting age in dog years, anyway?  Still, dogs have registered to vote before: (http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2018684401_voterforms14.html)

    I guess absentee ballots are where it’s at for the voting dog. 

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  21. Profile Photo Member

    “All boy dogs for Obama, lift your legs!”

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  22. Profile Photo Inactive



    What’s the matter? What is is, girl?

    The economy is headed off a fiscal cliff, our enemies abroad move unchecked, scandals abound in DC and the Campaign is in trouble!? 

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